Kim Possible Which Sitch In Time quote is your favorite?

Pick one:
"High five! Shego...high five..."
Monkey Fist: "You wouldn't know monkey power if anda held it in your little hands.
Drakken: "Kim Possible!" Monkey Fist: "Why do anda always act so surprised?"
Kim: "Welcome to my world." Shego: "Yeah, can we focus here Kimmy?"
Monique: "Kim her hands are glowing." Kim: "Yeah, avoid those."
"Hey why don't anda guys work as a team and put the stupid head on together."
"I hate sharing" "No Sharing." "Than we shall not share together."
Drakken: "It's 2 against 3." Shego: "Excuse me!" Drakken: "Okay fine 2 against 4
"Ya know in this light, you're kinda cute."
"We got a time monkey, woohoo yay for us. But we need a plan."
"Oh, smart." Like one menit later. "Okay, just got dumb."
Kim: "This is low, even for anda Shego." Shego: "Not my idea."
"He has the power of time travel and he's late!"
"What did I tell Drakken about the clones." "I'm not. I'm anda from the future."
"Grab the time monkey, we need the time monkey." "Can't I just use yours." "No t
Drakken: "This'll throw the time stream into chaos." Cop: "Yeah like I haven't he
"Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart enough to take over the world?
"The attitude adjustment center." Kim: "Isn't that the high school?" "Prepared to
Shego's entire 'The Supreme One and You' clip.
"Time travel; it's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts."
Shego: "See anda were born to be a sidekick" Drakken: *mockingly* "See anda were bo
"No touchy my monkey"
"Now gloat! Tell them how anda did it!"
"You're the reason I've been eating meat cakes!"
"You broke the time monkey. anda BROKE THE TIME MONKEY!"
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