Kim opened her locker and got her Social Studies book. Rufus jumped at her from the puncak, atas of the computer with a "high ya!" she fell to the floor in surprise. "RUFUS!" she scolded. he hung his head in shame and ran over to Ron, scurrying into his pocket. "mole rats." she berkata with a shake of the head. "NAKED tahi lalat RAT." he corrected.she shook her head with a "i don't care" smirk and closed the locker. as Kim turned around she bumped into somebody and dropped her book.

"oh my gosh!I'm so sorry!"the girl apologized. "it's ok." Kim berkata as she raised her head to see who she had bumped into. the girl had long, super dark Gray hair that dropped to the floor when she was kneeling. she had a purple kemeja with ripped sleeves and a black sports bra over it and a denim skirt."really, I'm sorry, i wasn't looking." she apologized again, picking up Kim's book."here's your book." she berkata as she handed it to Kim.

"thanks." Kim berkata as she got up and took the book. "so, are anda new here atau something?" she asked as the girl got up from the ground. "yeah. i just flew in from Japan." she explained. "I'm Joy. Joy A. Heart" she added. "I'm Kim. Kim Possible." Kim replied. the two of them shook hands and headed off to class.

Joy got nervous when she was about to enter the it turns out, her and Kim were in the exact same classes.Kim pushed her through the door and got to her seat.Joy just stood there staring at the class room."oh, yes! i almost forgot!"the teacher exclaimed with a face palm. 'great. AN OTHER one.'she thought with a sigh. "Class, we have a new student."she announced. all of the sudden all the nervous feelings flew away. "hi everybody." Joy greeted with a wave. she was really directing her wave at Kim. Kim gave her a "your doing great!" smile and Joy gave her a "thanks!" smile back. the teacher caught there eyes. "i see anda know little Kimberly." the teacher acknowledged. "i suppose anda can sit selanjutnya to her in that empty seat." the teacher said, giving Joy a small push. she happily sat down selanjutnya to her friend.

"hey, is that a Naked tahi lalat tikus in your pocket?" Joy asked the boy in front of Kim. "who, Rufus?" he asked, taking a Naked tahi lalat tikus out of his pocket. "Ron, this is Joy. Joy, this is my friend Ron." Kim introduced the two. Rufus hopped onto Joys had and she let out a giggle.she picked him up and set him down on her desk. he scrambled on the meja tulis, meja for a bit then ran off and into Rons pocket again.

"lets see....should i sign up for drama club atau cheer leading?" Joy questioned herself. Bonnie happened to be passing by. 'perfect.' she thought. 'maybe i can take down Kim with her own friend.' "Hi there." she greeted Joy. "oh, hi." Joy greeted back, acknowledging Bonnie. "I'm Bonnie." she introduced. "Joy." Joy replied. the two shook hands, Bonnies eyes sparkling Evilly. "you know, anda could sign up for BOTH." she added. "but...they're all on all the days of the week except the weekends." Joy berkata in confusion. "just go to one the first week, the other the selanjutnya week, and so on." Bonnie explained. "thanks, Bonnie!" Joy exclaimed happily as she filled out the forms for both clubs. she headed to the office and turned them in. she decided to go to cheer leading this first week.

Kim arrived at Cheer Leading tryouts at the end of the day. she dropped her pom poms the detik she saw Joy waiting on the bleachers with the other try out cheer leaders. right selanjutnya to Bonnie. she put on her most honest face and sat down selanjutnya to Joy with worry flashing in her eyes. "hi K.P." Joy greeted her. "how do anda know my nick name?" Kim asked with suspicion. "i heard Ron call anda the name." she explained with a "did i do something wrong?" look on her face. Kim flashed a "no, your fine." smile at her and sat down.

"ok,girls,let's see what anda got!first timers get to go first."the gym teacher announced. Bonnie raised her hand almost immediately. "yes Bonnie?" the teacher pointed to the girl. "Joy's the only first timer here, ma'am." she explained. joy stood up. "well, Joy, go ahead. first, do a somersault and land standing up." the teacher ordered. Joy did so without one mistake.

Bonnie, Kim, and Joy all made it on the team. Kim was a little worried that she would be out cheered oleh Joy because Joy got a perfect score were as Kim got 5 points away from that. Bonnie also got a perfect score and was spending some time with Joy. Kim could see the wheels turning in her rivals head, planing something sinister.

"so, Bonnie, what do anda do for fun?" Joy asked with enthusiasm in befriending the cheer leader. "not all that much." Bonnie lied. Kim began to feel like she was going to loose Joy to somebody like Bonnie. Rufus climbed up her leg to her shoulder and squeaked to her that it was time to go to Bueno Nacho. "I'm coming." she sighed. "i just want to watch my last chance to get her on our side disappear.

Joy must have heard her because she got up from the bleachers and walked over to Kim. "Hi K.P." she greeted."Hi Joy." Kim greeted back with excitement. 'this is my big chance!' she thought. "hey, anda wanna come to the Bueno Nacho with me and Ron?""And Rufus?""uh-huh.""sure!"

Rufus tried to get past Ron's hand to get to the burrito while the two girls talked about girl stuff. suddenly the communicator started beeping. Kim picked it up with an annoyed look and turned it on."what is it, Wade?" she growled. "sorry if this is a bad time, but Drakken got spotted stealing every last drop of nacho cheese from the Bueno Nacho just five miles from anda guys." the kid on the screen explained. "who's that?" Joy asked as she looked at the Communicator."who? Drakken?""no, the kid on the screen.""that's just Wade. he runs the missions.""missions?""haven't anda heard of me? I'm Kim Possible. i save the world.""cool! so who's Drakken?" and the conversation just went on as Rufus finally got to what was left of Ron's burrito.