Hello fello Shego fans! If anda are interested in joining a forum where anda can interact with other fans, gabung Shego' Place (link below)! If anda are lebih of a fan of the Kim Possible series, that is fine. There is fun for anda too! This forum includes a section for small talk, and additional sections for Kim Possible series/Shego discussion. On puncak, atas of that, anda can make friends that last a lifetime.

There is a link section where anda can post your own links. For example: Deviantart, forums, Facebook. This is a good place to promote your own sites. They don't have to be on-topic sites.

Make sure, if anda join, anda follow the rules. Most of all, HAVE FUN! No one wants to gabung a boring forum XD.

This is not a scam atau spam article. This is a serious request for all Kp and especially Shego fan to gabung and keep in touch. Most KP-related sites are very inactive. Shego's Place members are pretty active posters and with your help, it could get even lebih active. Don't let the Kim Possible series and Shego be forgotten. Joining is easy and only takes about a few minutes. gabung today!