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This KH: Organization XIII foto might contain tanda, poster, teks, papan tulis, podium, meja membaca, coffee break, teh istirahat, and rehat kopi.

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organization xiii
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Alright, the story continues, as a boy named Jason meets the Organization.

hari 7: enter: Jason
The Grey area: Members of the Organization relaxed as Saïx distributed missions. At the moment, Saïx was giving missions to Larxene, Zexion, and Vexen. "Three different zamrud, emerald Serenades," Saïx was saying, "have surfaced in three different worlds. As the most skilled magic users, anda three will membagi, split up to kill them. Zexion, anda take Agrabah" Zexion berkata nothing but kept reading. "Vexen," Saïx continued, " anda take Wonderland." "Alright," berkata Vexen, " I needed to run some experiments there anyway."...
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This is my very first Organization XIII fanfic. I've had this idea for quite some time, I thought I'd post it. Well, it's about Zexion, so enjoy!

hari 53: peaceful readings
Zexion sat in his room as Vexen went through his calculations. Zexion was membaca a book on relativity and its uses. As he read, Vexen called out a string of complicated theroms and postulates. Zexion nodded, then called out, "make note of that, Jason" In a corner of the room, a red-headed kid put his book down and started to scribble down notes in a notebook he had. Zexion looked at the kid. Jason was alright, he thought....
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Well, now Jason really will meet the Organization.

Day 8: Jason meets the Organization: The kastil, castle that never was: Larxene led Jason through the halls of the kastil, castle on a dog's leash. After Larxene took the unconscious Jason through the dark corridor the hari before, she forced him to sleep on the floor of her room. Today, she was going to introduce the Organization to her new slave boy. "remember," Larxene said, " you're not Jason anymore. You're slave boy." Jason looked up at her with his green eyes burning and said, "I'll get back at you." "Keep dreaming, kid," Larxene scoffed in a voice filled...
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Organization XIII does the Gangdam Style
Roxas and the others then gets ready
Roxas: Alright girls how about we go to a hotel?
Deanxra: good idea
Xion: accept one problem no money
Roxas: Oh, so were do we go?
Jaxson: If anda guys have money problems I can help
Xion: Oh, Jaxson
Deanxra: How will anda help
Jaxson: oleh using this (showing 4 VIP pass to a 5-star hotel)
Roxas: what's that?
Jaxson: 4 passes to fancy hotel at Traverse town
Xion: wow, where did anda get that?
Jaxson: Oh, at that tournament in Olympus
Roxas: then it's settled so-
Deanxra: wait even though there VIP passes we only get 25% discount, it's not gonna be enough
Jaxson: then let's...
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