Sisterly love!
Hi guys, I'm going to write about my 2 favourite American Idol winners. They're Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, they're the most populer American Idol singers who are very successful and I hope they would come to Malaysia to perform, in Kelly Clarkson's case, please come back to perform for us again!

Carrie Underwood

Now, we all know her in Season 4 and from the very moment of her audition. I knew that there was something special in her, Simon Cowell and I both predicted that she would win the competition. Yes, we were right! I also wish that she and Kelly will sing a duet together.

Kelly Clarkson

I haven't seen her audition until youtube came into the picture, I actually started to like her when she sang 'Breakaway' for the sequel of the Princess Diaries. I cinta her voice and I just saw her performing for the final season of American Idol and she blew me away with her famous medley!
In fact, I was amazed that she considered Reba McIntyre as her favourite country singer. So, I would not be surprise if Kelly sang a duet with Carrie!


So there anda have it, sorry if it's very short!
Team Kelly atau Team Carrie?