Keep the earth going green and conserve the green energy!
Ok, basically, this is just a basic artikel about the environment. I'll cover three main topics:
1. Why we need the environment
2. What damages the environment are having
3. How can we help to solve those problems.

Why do we need the environment?
1. We LIVE in it- We need the environment as much as the environment needs us and we live in it, therefore if anda don't want humanity to end, keep the environment aman, brankas in order for us to live and the environment to live. If Earth provided us with things to keep us living, how can we repay?

2. Resources and Needs- Since we live in it, we get the resources from the environment and that keeps us living. That does not mean we, as people, should be greedy and take things to much from the environment but we also need to give the environment what they need. We should keep those two thing balance so we can live in harmony together.

What are the damages the environment are receiving?

1. Biodiversity Decrease- We humans are not the only beings that are currently living in the enivronment. There are other life forms too such as bacteria, fungi and all the binatang and species that are spread out throughout the world. If we damage the enivronment, loss of diversity of life may occur, such as the Orangutan, which is currently decreasing its population because of its loss of habitat and poaching. We muct protect these binatang as they have feelings too and some binatang are endangered.

2. Global Warming- Global warming is the drastic increase in the global world temperature caused oleh many reasons. The reasons may be caused oleh Greenhouse gases which disrupt the atmosphere and cover the earth as the sun's rays hit the earth, it gets trapped in that cover and makes the heat increase rapidly in the atmosphere. Humans also one of the major causes of Global Warming. Humans can be very greedy and not notice the change in the world because of their acts, such as pollution and littering which disrupts the atmosphere.

3. Pollution- Pollution is mostly caused oleh humans and the enivronment is receiving this because if the humans that can pollute the earth drastically. Pollution destroys the life diversity and also the atmosphere which is dirty because of it.

How can we help the Earth before its too late?
There is many reasons but i'll mention a few, an these are tips to help go green!

-No littering.
-Do not use electricity when not necessary atau when unused.
-Buying stops, killing stops too.
-Dont test on products that has been tested on animals.
-Dont waste water/Take a quick shower.
-Turn lights off when not needed.
-Use public transportation/Walking, bersepeda to school/work.
-Join a 'Go Green' programme that helps the earth clean.
-Don't pollute alot!
-Keep and conserve nature/don't destroy it.
-Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!
-Plant lebih plants/trees.
-Use hybrid cars/Flourescent lightbulbs.
-Make posters/petition/articles to encourage people about going green!
-Study lebih about the environment itself.

Anyway, this is wht I can think of right now and I hope this helps. Now, what do anda think of the environment? Do anda think it will be aman, brankas again? What are your ways to help the environment? These pertanyaan go around all hari in your head. Think about it. Think about the answers. Together, we can keep our Earth clean! Go Green!
3 RE's: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle!