We overlook the death of this world, as it slowly dies, collapses.
How cold wind blows lost oleh dead trees, poisoning the menabur destruction.

We ignore that destruction wins, nature is on its last legs.
We see past the deception and violence, as the call for peace fade away.
How clink expensive weapons, such as money rules, humanity loses all sense of proportion.

We see how binatang are tortured and brutally murdered.

We take the lives of those who deserve to live and we let those alive who are not ready to give.
We ignore what the famine us tells, we know how to waste what's missing the poor.
We ignore the racism in this world.
We replace cinta to hatred and death.
Is it all worth? Where are our actions leading to?
We allow that people lead wars, that they destroy what gives them hope.
We ignore if the nature complains, defends itself, atau not returns.
We destroy everything, so it can never be the same again.
And for which we live?

What I want to say is that the world is a terrible place, but that’s our own blame. There are thousands lebih reasons, to konfirmasi this, but the most of us just do it as above in the text and ignore it.
Is that what we are living for? To ignore it!

Because I think this issue is so important, I published the text on Help mother earth club and Planet earth club!