Our society loves stories. Especially those about heroes. They beat the villains and save the world/Galaxy/Universe/humanity from destruction. It often requires some kind of sacrifice, like life atau personal happiness, but hey! It's for the greater good! We than get the enlightened feeling of how we would do it ourselves, if we had a chance. Wouldn't we?

Obviously no. We in fact have a problem that can put us and our world in serious danger. It's just that this time, there isn't a villain anda can put behind bars. No dictators atau maniacs with laughing issues. This time, the villains won't stop. They are everywhere. They don't care. There is no hero. Who could it be?

It's us. We are slowly, almost invisibly, killing Earth and ourselfs. We don't seem to be stoping, we are everywhere and we don't care. There is no hero in tights and even if it was, how can a hero stand a chance against the people he wants to save?
The closest to heroes are people who fight themselves and are trying their best not destroy and pollute. They stand alone in the crowd of those pretending there is no problem, those not knowing there is a problem and those making money of the sebelumnya two.

We wouldn't even need to sacrifice our families atau personal happiness to save the world from ourselves. Just change our inconsiderate way of life. And yet that seems to much for most.

Please don't be like most. Be the hero.