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the one that got away
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 I got tattooed and she like eet....oh she liked eett!
I got tattooed and she like eet....oh she liked eett!
My name is Jamie, atau OstachnowiczBitch on KP's forum. I am the girl who is getting Katy's album cover tattooed on my back! Katy has seen what I have so far and she is a fan! I know weird to say right Katy's my fan too! lol, I have actually had the oppertunity to get to know her and I adore her! She is super sweet, and in awe of what I am doing for her...and me! This tattoo mean the world to me, Katy has pretty much been a part of the whole process, I send her pictures as I get stuff done, and when shes close to me on tour, Katy hooks me up at her concerts and gets me backstage, and looks on...
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