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Fan fiction by zatsune123 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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(usui edges closer and................................................... makes her ciuman a drain pipe!?!?!?!??!?)
akira:yyuuuukkk!you should really have mints(looks at whos shes kissing/what shes kissing)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhh!
(misaki breaks free)
misaki:i was gunna break out buuut i got taken over oleh a buncha idiots and hurt myself
evangaline and akira:eeeeekk!(runs before they could hide)
misaki:still dosent explain the boys
usui:well anda see it was only cuz of...
usui:the idiots...
(next day)
idiot team 1:i forgotten our names...ah well i think its the idiots
(looks at sign)
idiot team:nuuuuu!!!!!!
(runs away)
misaki:and stay out!
usui:since there wont mind..would u?
misaki:FAT CHANCE!
usui:o welll...

and thats the end of the first chapter!!! yay

Fan fiction by zatsune123 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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(in the allyway)
evil man:hheh.that girl looks perfect for the job!
(where misaki and usui are)
misaki:ihope i can retrive them
usui:since when did anda care about boys?
misaki:well since...since...
usui:i gave anda advice.
misaki:well who cares.i only want them back so i could get my proper amount of money
susi:yeah yeah.
(somewhere near them)
unknowen girl 1:thats the guy i want!
unknowen girl 2:your not having him
unknowen girl 1:i want him and i want him now!
unknowen girl 2:fine anda get half and i get half...littrly
unknowen girl 1:deal!(pulles out a knife)
(back with misaki and usui)
misaki:can yuo hear somthing??
usui;yeah.....the sound of anda screaming then hugging on to me!
misaki:as if!(red eyes appear outta nowhere)
misaki:aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!(jumps into usuis arms and embraces him)
usui:what did i tell ya?(misaki throws him on the ground cartoon version)
Fan fiction by zatsune123 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
fan of it?
this is my first artikel ever so i hope anda like it

in the maid latte
usui is sitting in his normal kursi as a guest and the idiot team are staring at misaki as usual.

misaki:theres less boys in the cafe as usual
usui:beats me.
misaki:yes milord?
sarashina:plz give us the usual!
misaki:yes milord
shirokawa:(staaaaare)(misaki takes allthree of them and spins themaround before she throws them out the door)
sarashina,shirokawa and kurosaki:we forgive you
usui:well.i did see a sinister looking guy down the ally way.he tried to attack me but i just owned him
misaki:you shoulda told me(misaki is a cartoon devil and usui is minding his own buisness drinking teh as a cartoon)
usui:id better get going
misaki:YOUR GONNA D...wait...did anda just say yes?!?
usui:like yeah.what?got a problem with that?
Opinion by usuitakumi77 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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I was thinking about the footmen competion,isnt't that weird that Misaki herself allow Takumi to touch her chest?But this is one of my favourite sceans.This prove that Misaki trust Takumi.Takumi acts like a prevert but he do that to resue Misa from danger.Takumi is a rich boy.He should be searching for rich girls.Misa-chan is backward in money,still Takumi is interested in her.That makes everyone think that he is just usig her.But his cinta is TRUE LOVE.This also proves that he is not loving her physical talents but the whole Misa.'SO BOYS MISA-CHAN IS ALL TAKUMI'S SHE IS NOT AVAILABLE. I wish i could be Misaki.I cinta anda TAKUMI.
Fan fiction by animegurl23 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Hiya Its animefreak23!  Hoped u liked the sebelumnya chapter!!  This is the tragic chapter, so enjoy it!!! XD

He kissed her for a menit while all Misa did was blankly stare. Usui broke away the ciuman and fell on her and pulled away. He hugged her so tight that Misa feared that she would die of suffocation. Finally, Usui whispered into her ear:
“Goodbye. I’ll always cinta you.”
Then he swiftly broke off the hug and locked himself inside his room. He placed his hands on his knees and cried full of despair for losing her.
Misa sat on the dipan, sofa for 5 minutes, dumbfounded. Was this another one of his silly pranks? She didn’t think so. He sounded sincere. And what did he mean oleh “If anda are going to hate me” and “Goodbye”? She paused. Was that Usui….. Crying? She got off the dipan, sofa and followed the sound to his bedroom. She knocked lightly.
“Usui?” She called in a gentle voice, a voice that Usui had never heard before. He realized that Misa was worried about her.
Fan fiction by animegurl23 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Misaki and Usui
A fan fiction
Chapter 1
Hi!!!!! this is animefreak23! I cinta all anime especially maid sama!!! :D ^_^ this is a story I worked very hard on!! PLEASE R&R!!!!! Arrigato! 
A/N: This part comes straight from episode 14! I just changed a little bit…. MOE!!
In Room 1-7: Kanou looked at the sleeping Misa, delighted. Now was his chance! To rid Seika High of girls! He exhaled and began:
“Misaki Ayuzawa, anda are under my command,” A dazed Misa nodded.
Usui POV:
Usui was getting worried now. Where was Misa-Chan? He had looked everywhere! He hoped that jerk Kanou hadn’t hypnotized her again. Sighing he returned to the Student Council Room, where he saw Yukimura.
“Ah, Yukimura.” Usui began.
“Y-yes, Usui-san?” He replied.
“Y’know where Keichou is?” (A/N: Keichou is Japanese for president, and Misa is the student body president so….)
“Um, well, she ran out saying ‘It’s this guy!’ and left while pointing to a picture.” Usui froze.
Opinion by keturahk posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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this anime is everything i cinta in amines. it has a original plot, a strong heroine and a even stronger hero. theres action,comedy and romance. i cinta pretty much everything about this anime. the art is delightful! probly some of the best art in a anime i have seen. (in my opinion) the way the artist draws the guys is really amazing and distinct to. most artist are not able to draw men as well as the artist in this anime is. every character in this anime is has there own lovable personality. and the ending of the anime was adorable. im incredibly picky when it comes to what amines i will watch and this one was just perfect. i loved it! but i also had a hard core shonen friend how tried to get to watch it and she hated it. so idk if your a shonen person maybe this isent for you. but im a shoujo person and to me this anime was everything i was looking for. 1-10 its a 10!
Opinion by Kersian posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Now I started watching the anime 'Maid-Sama' for quite a time now and honestly I have no clue on how to give that opinion. Usually it's girl and guy are together, the End. Everything's happy right? The MAIN couple goes through a happy ending, therefore, everything in that world is okay, but is it?

Consider the character Hinata, the childhood friend of Misaki. I will be biased here, since I my favor leans toward Hinata more. He was very loyal in fact to Misaki and so optimistic about being with her. Doesn't this sound familiar to some? Loyalty to be with another even when your apart? I know I've experienced it before.

In the end what did Hinata get? A broken jantung after this sudden realization that Misaki would never be with him. How many of us teenagers and young adults mainly had this feeling? A lot I expect. It's a painful feeling to have which is why I feel I connect lebih with Hinata too.

I relate to Hinata more, because he had his mind on set. His goal, Misaki, to be with her. He would do anything as far as I could tell. If she asked him to jump he would ask how high. He was willing to change for her as shown in both komik jepang and anime....
Article by Gwiazdeczka posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Alternative titles:
- Kaicho wa Maidsama
- Kaichou wa Meido Sama
- Class President is a Maid!
- Maid-Sama
Genres: comedy, romance, shoujo
Themes: maid, school
Plot Summary: A romantic comedy that centers on the student council head named Misaki Ayuzawa who despises the mostly male, slovenly population at her school, which was once an all-boys school. However, Misaki's most handsome schoolmate just discovered her secret — that she works afterschool at a maid café.
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