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 Justin Bieber @Mexico City
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This justin bieber foto contains baret hijau, pasukan khusus, tentara elit, green baret, prajurit elit, seragam, pakaian lapangan, and pertempuran gaun. There might also be pakaian serdadu resimen, regimentals, dress blues, gaun putih, blues gaun, gaun seragam lengkap, and berpakaian lengkap seragam.

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I am a fan of justin bieber and i cinta his musik but it seems that lately he has been flirting with other women and that is fin but he knows that his fan's will go mad about it so why does he do it i mean if he did it once then that is fine u learn from your mastakes but come on he just keeps doing it then when something bad goes he say's oh i didn't mean it and makes up some other crap then the fan's forgive him and then he does it again and in my opion he is dumb i mean come on he doesn't even know what GERMAN is
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