Justin Bieber lives in Atlanta,Georgia.
His fav color is-------------purple
His fav food is--------------spagetti,tacos
His fav drink is-------------dr.pepper,coke
His fav permen is-------------sour patch kids
His fav # is-----------------6
His fav song is--------------One Time
His fav spot is--------------hockey,skateboarding
His fav word is--------------"Shawty"
His fav restraunt is---------McDonalds
His fav musik video is-------Thriller
His fav holiday is-----------Birthday,Christmas
His fav cereal is------------Captin Crunch
His fav video game is--------Halo 3
His fav phone is-------------iphone
His fav state is-------------South Beach,Florida
His fav ice cream is---------bluemoon
His fav animal is------------dog
His fav t.v. tampil is---------Are anda Smarter than a 5th Grader
His fav electronic is--------X-box
His fav hari is---------------Tuesday
His fav bulan is-------------Novenber
His fav time of the hari is---Evening
His fav computer is----------Mac
His fav band is--------------"All American Rejects"
His fav store is-------------American Apparel
His fav shoes is-------------Jordans
His fav hat is---------------La,Ny
His fav veg. is--------------Large Cucumbers
His fav buah-buahan is-------------watermelon
His fav book is--------------Twilight,Mew Moon,Breaking Dawn
His fav subject is-----------Math
His fav author---------------Beverly Cleary