Justin Bieber is amazing...i don't care what people say...i cinta him so much...he is an inspiration to all of us...all the haters are just jealous of him..all of his songs are so amazing especially "pray" its a really inspiring song..and every other song is amazing...i don't know how someone could not like him...he is so hot and funny and sweet and many many other things...i would pay a million dollars just to see him
he teaches us to follow our dreams and never give up no matter what..that's what "never say never" says...i don't care if people say he sounds like a girl, says hes gay, says he is nothing but a stupid kid..i know that, its not true at all...his voice is absolutely amazing..hes not gay because he sings about girls and he dates girls so its obvious he isn't gay...and he is not stupid because he actually went for his dreams to be a singer and look where he is right now..hes not just sitting on the dipan, sofa doing nothing with his life..at least hes not like a lot of people are..He is not just a normal kid..hes a superstar...he makes a lot of peoples lives better including me..he makes me cry sometimes with his inspirational songs..he made me cry in his movie..hes just so amazing..in my mind he is the best singer out there..he has quite a life story..he is so amazing..i don't care what any of my friends say..i hope this changes your minds about him..thanks for reading..i cinta anda Justin...very much and i would do ANYTHING just to meet you.