An exclusive cuplikan of the new song from Japanese rockers X JAPAN, entitled "I.V." is available on the Jrock Revolution web site.

"I.V." is scheduled to appear in the fourth movie of the record-breaking "Saw" horror franchise.

"Saw IV" comes from the same team that produced "Catacombs", which featured the song "Blue Butterfly", written and produced oleh X jepang founder Yoshiki.

Approached last July about producing the theme track for "Saw IV", Yoshiki chose to perform the song with X JAPAN.

Written and composed oleh Yoshiki, with lyrics completely in English due to the international target audience, the song features Toshi on vocals, Pata on gitar and Heath on bass. While attending Toshi's vocal recording sessions, Yoshiki took the lead in overseeing the English lyrics.

"I.V." reportedly features previously unreleased ideas written oleh X JAPAN's influential lead guitarist Hideto "Hide" Matsumoto, who committed suicide in May 1998.

X jepang will shoot a promotional video for "I.V." on October 22 at Tokyo Odaiba Aqua City.