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Guide by james1337 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
fan of it?
Strongly motivated young IT expert, Linux enthusiast with a passion for troubleshooting network related p roblems. With an exceptional eye for details and a sense of urgency when it comes down to problem solving.
- Advanced knowledge of Linux command line
- Installation, configuration and maintenance of servers that run under Unix/Linux type
operating systems
To name a few: DNS, TFTP, FTP, SSH, APACHE, SMTP, VSFTP and some others
- Troubleshooting a wide range of network related problems. Meaning, digging deep for
packets on any diberikan network.
Using one of my favourite tools for capturing and filtering packets on the network, Wireshark,
and resolving end-user issues
- Good understanding of Cisco routers and IOS operating system
- Configuration and implementation of Linux firewall namely Iptables
- Supervision and filtration of network traffic
- Tightening down security and pen testing networks for possible vulnerabilities