"RECOGNISE caught up with Jessie J to talk about the rumours surrounding her sexuality, her dreams of a Tinie Tempah collaboration and making lasagne for our cover stars McFly…
She’s the fierce new face of British pop musik and she’s here to make a statement. Jessica Cornish, atau Jessie J as she’s better known, follows in a long line of successful and empowering female musik artists. As a graduate of the prestigious Brit School, Jessie recently picked up the Critic’s Choice at this year’s Brit Awards, emulating fellow alumni Ellie Goulding and Adele.

At just 22 years old she’s already written songs for the cream of the crop in the musik world, including Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown. Jessie’s debut single ‘Do It Like A Dude’ blasted her onto the UK musik scene as a bintang in her own right, with the record charting at number two. There was only one way to better that and her detik single ‘Price Tag’, stormed straight to the puncak, atas of charts.

And there’s much lebih than just success to this straight-up madam with the razor-sharp bob. The teetotal Essex girl is a socially conscious lyricist who wants to inject some sense and positive energy into the musik industry. With her newly launched ‘Be True to Who anda Are’ campaign, Jessie is the role model that the kids have been waiting for.

Did anda get discovered oleh promoting yourself on YouTube? No, I had already been signed for three years when I started putting clips on YouTube. A lot of people do think I was discovered on there but I was actually discovered oleh Gut Records at a showcase I did with a girl group I was in at the time.

You went stateside for a while. How did that come about? My label Gut Records had gone bankrupt just before I was going to release. I tried to get signed to another UK label but at the time there were a lot of female artists about to be launched like adele and Duffy so I just missed the window. The week Gut went bust I was signed to Sony as a songwriter and flew out to New York and Los Angeles on a menulis trip.

What did anda miss about london when anda were away? My family, my friends, the honesty, the food and the weather, believe it atau not!

You mixed with quite a famous crowd in the US. Who do anda hang out with in the UK? I’m oleh myself atau with my manager half the time when I’m in the US. I’m not in this industry to be in a clique with celebs. But when anda are in the same job it’s natural anda will make friends with people. I am a very family and friends orientated person.

Your video for ‘Do it Like a Dude’ was refreshingly different. Do anda think being true to yourself and being openly bisexual may affect your success? I don’t put a label on my musik atau on my sexuality. I am who I am and I fall in cinta with who I fall in cinta with. The Do It Like A Dude video was tongue in cheek and a bit of fun. It was me making fun of myself. It grabbed people’s attention and that’s what I wanted it to do. It created a buzz.

Why did anda keep ‘Do It Like A Dude’ and not give it to Rihanna? Sometimes when anda write a song anda have to come to the decision to keep it for yourself atau give it away. I’m glad I kept it.

You’ve been compared to Lady Gaga. Would anda ever wear a meat dress? Never say never. But probably not!

You’ve accomplished so much while still so young. What words of wisdom would anda give to young people looking up to you? Be true to who anda are. Just live life to the fullest and always base your confidence on purity. Never say never and always make sure you’re happy. Life is too short to be anything but.

Which British artists would anda like to work with? Devlin, Tinie Tempah and Leona Lewis - to name a few!

We heard anda made pasta for McFly? They were in the studio with a good friend of mine, Dallas Austin, and I promised I’d cook for him, so I made lasagne, chicken kari and cheesecake for McFly and Dallas. It was a fun night. They’re lovely guys.