I was 19-years-old when my friend introduced me to a Czech agent. I started slowly, doing nude pictorials for European magazines. When I was 21, my friend introduced me to her Los Angeles agent and I then started working exclusively for him. At that time, I moved on to doing girl/girl videos, which I love. And in 2005, I signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground.
I did my first scene with a girl named Natasha. I had no idea what to do because I had never been with a girl before, even though I had always been attracted to them. She was nice and did all the work – I was just enjoying my first experience with a woman. It was for the movie Blue Jeans Blondes 4.
Well, a lot of things changed in my professional life. I no longer shoot for any production for the last tahun and half. I shoot only for my website and do my best to keep my website www.clubjanacova.com as personal as possible. The adult industry really changed. It all started with the bad economy in US and then in Europe, followed with the stupid condom only law. I don't see a point in this. They keep saying that when young people will watch porn and will see the talent use condoms, it will make them to use condoms in their private life as well. But what about all the mainstream movies, full of drug dealers, full of violence, full of guns and murders? Do they really think that if they will stop shooting this type of movies, there will be less drugs, violence and murders? I could go on and on with this subject. I just think that there should be some kind of sexual education at schools and also in families, but in the end it's up to everyone what they will do and if they will use condom. So this caused a lot of productions to stop shooting. I was lucky enough I caught the best time in porn and finished at the right time and still was able to keep my website, which I love.
In my personal life, I could not be happier than I am now. And I hope it will stay like this till the rest of my life. I had been through divorce after 12 years with my ex-husband, which was really hard. I was able to keep my marriage private for my whole career and I am glad for that. Then I was in very unhappy relationship for almost two years. But I think everything happens for a reason and I had to go through one marriage, after that bad relationship, and now I am very happy with a guy, who has everything I need from a man. And most of all, he makes me laugh every single day.
I like men with a great sense of humor, nice smile, great pantat, keledai and just as down to earth to get my attention. I never was really into the "great looking model" type of guys. I prefer guys, who are really men and know how to handle me, because it's not always easy with me.
Romance is important for me for sure. I don't need to have romantic evenings every single day, but once in a while it's nice.
I would like to go to Hawai, I never been there and I heard lot of good things about this place.
My favorit places to eat in United States are Cheescakefactory, Hamburger Hamlet and berwarna merah muda, merah muda Peper. My favorit food is meet and mashed potatoes. Also seafod atau fruit. I like almost everything. My favorit actors are Robert de Niro, Anthony Hopkins, Johnny Depp and Martin Lawrence.
Yes I really answer my emails. People can recognize my broken English so the one who is answer my emails is really me.
In my spare time I like to wear just jeans and top. But when I go to the makan malam atau to the party I like to wear some nice dress. And of course I cinta to wear some nice and sexy underwear.
My favorit restaurant is Old Bill in Czech Rep., it is Texas restaurant and they make the best steaks. And favorit romantic place is little old hotel in Roma in Italy.
I am romantic. I cinta nice romantic makan malam with wine, candles and bunga and for this I need my man to be romantic too.
Yes I cook, and I am pretty good at it. I usually cook typical Czech food, which is lot of meet and vegetable with nasi, beras atau potatoes. And beef soup.
In selanjutnya 10 years I would like have familly. Really good website and also my own restaurant.
My favortie group is Eagles, I listen to their CDs everywhere. I also like berwarna merah muda, merah muda and Eminem.
I couldn't live without my dog, without cinta and trust.