Jamie Campbell Bower Anyone wanting to play one of his roles?

RPGmoony posted on Jun 06, 2010 at 08:59PM
Here's your chance to join a rpg as any character portrayed by Jamie Campell Bower =)


Site is comparable to Facebook/Ning/Myspace

sign up here: https://secure.hyves.org/subscribe/?autttt­­h­­_­­­c­­­ur­­­­r­e­n­­­­­tU­­­r­­l­­­=h­­­­t­­tp­­­­­%3­­­A­­­%­­2­F­­­­­%2F­­­­­w­w­­w­­­.­­­hy­­­­­ve­­s­­­­.n­­­l­­%­­­2F­­­­­%­3­F­­­­&a­mp;­a­m­p;­­a­m­­p;­­­a­m­­­­p;­­l­­­­o­g­­­i­n­­­_­i­­­­n­­it­­­­i­a­­­l­­­P­r­­e­­­­s­en­­­­c­­e­­=­­­o­­­nl­­­­i­n­e­­­

And join the RPG Group : Caps Lock -> link

Have fun <3

Jamie Campbell Bower No balasa