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First of all this is an opinion. If anda think i'm making your hari bad because of this article, don't read it. It's just a matter of opinion.

Recently, I diposting a pertanyaan here in the Jacob Black fanpop site. It was entitled 'Give me 5 reasons why Jacob is better than Edward.' I diposting the pertanyaan because I knew that this spot was visited oleh Jake's fans. I received a lot of good jawaban but there was one leech who ruined everyone's answers.

I won't name the leech who gave nasty comments. All i can say is she really HATES Jacob because she thinks Edward is hot.

Now, to Jacob's defense...I'll give...
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Heyyy Part 2 contiunes from where part 1 ended. Hope u enjoy it.

“I over reacted when I was in your room last night, it’s just that she just drives me there”
“Oh, ok” I wrote back.
“Are anda okay?” he wrote to me.
“Yes, just peachy” I wrote. For some reason he found that funny and wrote me “LOL” I smiled and handed him back the letter, he opened it as if he expected to read something, he looked surprised to just see what he last wrote. From the corner of my eye I seen him glanced at me. He smirked; it made me blush, my cheeks turned red. I was hoping he didn’t notice. After...
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