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This jacob dan bella fan art contains ruang tamu, ruang duduk, depan kamar, salon, ruang keluarga, kamar tidur, ruang tidur, akomodasi tidur, ruang, and tidur akomodasi. There might also be sarang, den, tempat tidur tunggal, tempat tidur single, kotak kemasan, kemasan kasus, and kemasan kotak.

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(Last time we left off Jacob was about to ciuman Bella)
I was completely Frozen as his lips were pressed against mine. The ciuman felt like a million sparks on api with him and with Edward it all felt like ciuman a block of stone. I soon started to unravel myself in the ciuman oleh putting my arms around his neck and started to deeply fall into it. When he finally took his lips off mine, I felt breathless.
"Wow," I said.
"Yeah that was something," he stated.
"So um I'll see anda tomorrow then?" I asked.
"That'd be great," he answered.
When he left, I sat there with a face of shock. I couldn't believe...
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