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Here is Chapter 32........Hmmmmmm, maybe some mystery's are sloved....maybe not lollll....hope u enjoy.

“How could anda have lie to me like that” she demanded. She grabbed her daughter “I’m going to my father’s………….Party over” Bella berkata as she walked to her car. Jake and Sam rushed to Edward, Sam picked up the portrait and Jake helped him up.
“Are anda okay?” asked Jake
“Yeah, I’m fine…I getting use to her outburst” he berkata as he rubbed the back of his head.
“You mean she kick’s your pantat, keledai often?” asked Sam. Embry and Quil were trying hard to control their laughter....
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 Amanda......(could she really be Halian's long lost daughter?)
Amanda......(could she really be Halian's long lost daughter?)
Hope anda enjoy chapter 31......still some surpises i have...hope u like it! :)

“This looks like a mtv crib” joked Seth. We all laughed together.
Suddenly the door opens and Renesmee runs towards Jake.
“Uncle Jake” she said. Jake picked her up with ease.
“Hey munchkin” he said.
“I missed you” she said.
“Well I missed anda too Nessie” he berkata as he placed her back down.
“Hey, anda found it” berkata Edward as he shook Jakes hand.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful Edward” berkata Jake.
“Please come on in” he berkata to the guys.
We walked in and the house was beautifully decorated. I was scared...
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 Bella and Edward's house
Bella and Edward's house
hey here's part 30....it contiunes from 29...hope u like it!!! lol

“SAM, WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!” yelled Adam.
Sam scrambled threw pages. I seen him stop, his expression on his face scared me, his eyes widen as he stared at me.
“This can’t be” he berkata as he shook his head.
I began to yell more, Jake and Adam grew lebih nervous.
“WHAT IS IT” yelled Jake has he held on to my hand.
“If this is right……an evil spirit is trying to take control of your son” berkata Sam in a shocked tone.
“WHAT?!?!” Exclaimed Adam.
“Here chant this before it’s too late.” He berkata but I blacked out...
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Hope u guys like part 29.... :)

“Well if she does her baby would could inherit a evil spirit, due to the fact that there weak in the worm” berkata Sam as he read the book.
“Okay then, let’s do it tonight’ berkata Jake. “Great” berkata Sam. The pack was getting ready to leave.
“Where do anda guys think anda going?” asked Jake.
“Umm….home” berkata Embry.
“No you’re not; anda guys are going to help with the window” berkata Jake.
They all turned around in unison and laughed they grabbed their equipment and began to help.

The time was getting closer, Jake transformed and I hoped on his back,...
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 Adam Keila's twin brother.
Adam Keila's twin brother.
Part 27 continues from part 28.....hope u enjoy it :)

Adam followed Adam’s bulu was pure white, to me he was the best looking serigala of the pack, he was about the same size as Jacob.
Billy, Grandpa George, and my father rushed outside. Brian was on the ground he was screaming off the puncak, atas of his lungs, he covered his head with his arms but he could still feel and hear the heavy breath and growling of Adam and Jake.
“Easy Adam, his still your uncle” berkata my father as he walked towards them.
“Jake please,...
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 Keila's Uncle Yaxkin (Brian) Waterfall
Keila's Uncle Yaxkin (Brian) Waterfall
Hope anda enjoy Part 26.... :) it contiunes from part 25.

“Well, Keila knows what where having, were going to tell everyone tonight.” I berkata as wheeled my father to my car.
We got to my house, I pull up behind an unfamiliar car, it was a 2010 Mercedes benz CL-Class, that car alone is a house, I glanced at the licenses plate “It’s Her uncle Yaxkin” Billy intruded.
“His licenses plate says New York” I berkata as I got out helping him out the car.
“Yeah Keila didn’t tell anda about him” He berkata as I helped him get in his wheel chair.
“She mentioned him a few times, but she talks...
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 Billy Black
Billy Black
Part 25 continues from Part 24....hope anda enjoy

“Nice to meet anda too” I berkata as I shook his hand.
“Are anda ready to know the sex of your baby” he said.
“Yeah, I can’t wait to find out” I said.
“Well get yourself comfortable” he berkata as he prepped the ultra sound. He placed some of that cold gel on me again; I hated that part of it. He then gently searched for my baby. “There’s the head” he berkata as he pointed at the monitor. “And there’s the legs” he continued. I watched the monitor, I was amazed oleh how big my baby was getting “Are anda ready to know what you’re...
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Here's Part 24, Im surprised how well its doing....thanks for the support everyone!!! Hope anda enjoy....plz rate :)

I sat on my sofa, Keila sat selanjutnya to me. “Wow, I’m going to be a dad” I berkata as I held her hand.
“Yeah, were going to be parent’s” she said.
“A family” I said. I couldn’t help but ciuman her.
“I have to call everyone and let them know” she got up and ran to the kitchen. I sat there and changed the channels of my TV.

I saw a shadowy figure pass oleh my window, I watched in horror, I sat up I called out for Jake to wake up, I finally turned to his tempat tidur side not...
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Part 23 continues from part 22.

“Give me those” I snatched them out of her and went into the bathroom, I followed the instructions on the box. I placed it on the bathroom sink. “Okay it says to wait 5 minutes” I berkata as I opened the bathroom door. Those 5 menit felt like forever. “Okay it’s time” berkata Bella. I slowly walked to the sink. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath; I opened my eyes slowly and saw 2 lines on the stick. “OH MY GOD” I shouted.
“What does it say” berkata Leah, they gathered around me. “I’m………..I’m…..pregnant” I said.
Emily’s eyes...
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Part 22 continues from part 21
Hope anda enjoy.

Two months pass
Everything was going great, Jake opened up his own mechanic shop. He named it K&J Auto Shop; it was very populer everyone seemed to go to him when it came to car troubles; even the Cullen’s seem to like his work. Today is Saturday and it was girl’s night out, Emily, Leah, Bella and I went to Worrier’s.
“How’s Renesmee doing?” I asked Bella.
“She is doing great” she responded.
“How’s everything at halaman awal being a newlywed?” Bella asked me
“It’s fantastic” I said.
“Hi welcome to Worrier’s my name is Janet...
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Part 21 contiunes from part 20

“Yep” I berkata as I kissed her. Just then I heard a truck nose pulling up to our house, I rushed to the window to see the guys starting to clean up the backyard. I turned back to Keila. “Those guys are out there cleaning up, get dress and meet me back there” I kissed her forehead and headed outside.
“Hey, hey, hey….go back in that house and enjoy your honeymoon” berkata Sam.
I placed my hand on my hips. I watched as they placed the tables and chairs into the truck.
“Embry, I bet anda that I could break this chair over your back with one hit” berkata Quil
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 Jacob and Keila's Wedding
Jacob and Keila's Wedding
Heyyy there! this is Part 20 it continues from Part 19, don't worry this isn't the finale i still have lebih surprises hope anda enjoy the wedding edition!

“Okay let’s go before it gets any later.”

I got into the limousine, and made our way to the ceremony. We got out the limousine and where so excited, the backyard look so beautiful, I checked the time and it was 9:55 Emily rushed us to our spots, my father kissed my cheek. “We have been expecting you” he berkata jokingly. I heard the lite musik beginning to play from the distance. Renesmee looked so beautiful throwing the red roses. Then...
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 Keila Waterfall
Keila Waterfall
Part 16 continues from Part 15

The three of us got our tickets and headed to the vending area.
“I got anda on the treats” berkata Marco
“Ok I want some gummy bears” berkata Ernie jokingly
“Not you” berkata Marco with a smile.
“I want some nacho’s” I said. Marco placed our order, I turned around and bumped into someone, I looked up to see Jacob staring down at me. “Keila……..I have been calling you” he said.
“Really, Bella told anda to” I berkata sarcastically
“What are anda talking about?” he asked.
“Jake I seen anda with her, she is here with you, stop trying to play me” I said...
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 Ernest (Ernie) Donaldson
Ernest (Ernie) Donaldson
Part 14 continues from part 13

“Bella, how could you” berkata Edward.
“Keila it’s not what anda think” berkata Jake, he tried to grab my arm but I pulled away.
“So what is it?” asked Edward.
“I just needed someone to talk to” answered Bella.
“I’m your husband Bella, how could not come to me, atau trust in me and speak to me” berkata Edward.
“AND HOW CAN anda LIE TO ME!” I yelled “I CAN’T TAKE THE LIE’S JAKE” I said. I took of...
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Part 13 contiunes from Part 12

“You know Keila that never once did I say that I wasn’t proud of him, but he thinks that I’m not, I’m very proud that my son is a famous Manhattan lawyer, what disappoints me is that he doesn’t care for his culture” he said. He stared at me and smiled. “You shouldn’t have to hear about my troubles, anda should go and spend time with your fiancé” he winked at me. “No its ok grandpapa” I said. “Nonsense, now go meet up with Jacob, and don’t forget what I told you” he berkata as I walked out the door.
I got to my house, I was surprised to...
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 (I DON OWN THIS PICTURE) its Just to Help in-vision Grandpa George
(I DON OWN THIS PICTURE) its Just to Help in-vision Grandpa George
Part 12 continues from part 11

“Hey there sleepy head, anda just missed the pack, they just left to anda house to continue from where they left off” she berkata to me as she made her way to the sink. I crossed my arms and leaned on the door way.
“Did Jake say anything?” I asked.
“Well he told Sam he couldn’t wait to get married” she berkata as she smirked at me.
“I dunno but I have a feeling that something isn’t right” I said.     
Emily took 2 mugs and poured some hot Coco, she sat on the meja and patted on the kursi selanjutnya to her as to tell me come join. I sat down...
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 Keila Waterfalls
Keila Waterfalls
Part 11 contiunes from part 10

“It doesn’t matter what he thinks, his lucky I don’t leave him” she said.
“Are things getting worst” I asked.
“Yea, we argue all the time, he is so cold towards his daughter”
“Bella give him a chance his new at this”
“Jake, I wish he was lebih like anda with her, at least anda hold her, you’re going to be a great dad one day” she said.
“Thanks Bell, but Edward would get the hang of it”
“It’s been months, plus we argue for the smallest things”
“Really, like what?” I asked.
“Okay like yesterday I was feeding Renesmee, he thought I...
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This is Part 8 Holiday edition it contiunes from part 7.

Emily ran down the porch and looked up to see the bathroom window open, Leah was drying her hair; she had a white towel wrapped around her.
“How many times do I have to tell anda don’t open the windows in the winter” berkata Em.
“Oh come ‘on anda know I get had faster than you” berkata Leah
“You don’t pay the bills here Leah, remember I’m not a serigala and I feel the cold, I don’t get anda run up my heat bill while anda live less than a mile away” Emily berkata as he made her way back to the house. Leah just rolled her eyes and slammed...
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Part 7 Holiday edition continues form part 6

“Bella don’t play that role anda could read our minds, anda know what’s going on” berkata Sam as he giggled. Bella giggled along with him.
“Can I please have some time with him? I would like to talk to him” she said.
“Okay” berkata Sam as he jogged to the bowling alley; it was so cold even for us wolf.
“Listen Jake, I’m Happy for you” she said.
“Thank anda Bella” I berkata to her.
“Jake, I know it’s late but I have a confession, I cinta you, and I’m noticing that anda don’t look at me like anda use to, now all I see is friendship, you...
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 Keila Waterfall
Keila Waterfall
Part 5 continues from where part 4 ended.

“Good, his punk anyway” he giggle I giggled with him. “Let’s get something to eat    “I told him. He agreed, we went to a new spot it was called Worrier’s the place was semi packed. The Waiter sat us oleh a window the lights was dimed. It was very relaxing, Jake orders a doubled beacon chesses burger with fries and bawang, bawang merah rings, I order a chicken sandwich with coleslaw. I felt like we were bonding. When our meal came he fed me a bawang, bawang merah ring, it looked like his eyes sparkled. “Could it be that he finally realized I’m the...
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