<p>Lanzamiento en Octubre: Por otro lado, algunas fuentes bastantes cercanas confirman que apel, apple no quiere lanzar al iPhone 5 en junio, ya que sería demasiado cerca al lanzamiento de su último dispositivo iPhone 4S, y quiere darle <strong>link</strong> más tiempo a este, así que en octubre se habilitaría un evento que generaría beneficios para la compañía. 4. iPhone 4G LTE: En vez de un nuevo iPhone 5, apel, apple podría hacer lo mismo que cuando lanzó el iPhone 4, en donde también se lanzó la versión 4G LTE. Algo parecido podría suceder con el nuevo modelo, pero lo que aún no esta muy seguro es si la empresa querrá utilizar el soporte LTE, ya que la batería podría ser un gran problema para ellos. 5. Nuevo diseño: apel, apple sigue utilizando el mismo diseño durante casi dos años, es muy <strong>link</strong> probable que lo cambie en el nuevo modelo iPhone 5, y según algunas fuentes cercanas podría tener un diseño unibody, que no se verá para nada como su versión anterior. 6. Apoyo para el chip de apel, apple A5X: Cómo sabemos Apple, lanzó un nuevo procesador con el iPad y también con el 4S, al parecer todo indica que le dará un apoyo al chip A5X, de doble núcleo y cómo el poder de procesamiento quad-core y soporte de gráficos. <strong>link</strong> 7. Más memoria RAM: Uno de los problemas más grandes del iPhone, es que no cuenta con una memoria RAM de 1G. La mayoría de smartphones ya cuenta con uno, y según un reciente informe puede que apel, apple se anime a abrir esa posibilidad en el nuevo iPhone 5. 8. </p>
<p>Una mejor cámara: En Flickr, el iPhone es la cámara más popular. Sin embargo, sus fotos no son tan impactantes cómo aquellas que son realizadas desde cámaras con 12 megapíxeles. Es por eso que no sería una mala idea <strong>link</strong> si apel, apple lanzará una cámara que tenga funciones cómo apoyo panorama y que la calidad sea de 8 megapíxeles. 9. Campo de comunicación: jerami, hay muchas empresas que realizan los pagos móviles. Sin embargo, hasta el momento apel, apple no ha mencionada al respecto, pero muchos rumores dicen que podría tomar esta ventaja en el nuevo iPhone 5. 10. Nuevo muelle: Desde hace unos años, apel, apple viene utilizando el mismo muelle del puerto, el cual permite a los usuarios cargar sus dispositivos, transferir datos y mucho más. Pero ahora la <strong>link</strong> compañía podría estar pensando en mejorar su conector, y podría que que este nuevo modelo sea el primero en estrenar el nuevo puerto. Sólo dependerá de la compañía darnos o no la razón, pero sabemos con seguridad que los usuarios esperan el iPhone 5 desde hace mucho tiempo. Esperemos que apel, apple nos lo regale este año, y demuestre que puede impactar a sus seguidores con nuevas características.Although the fantastic <strong>link</strong> apel, apple designer, Steve Jobs, has gone away, the series of apel, apple iphones is going to be long term with flawless execution. Jobs likely kept a role in constructing the iPhone5 just before his passing, which makes sure the absolute maximum quality of the forthcoming item. </p>
<p>Not a whole lot is yet acknowledged regarding the iPhone5, but a lot of rumors are actually passed across the proverbial h2o chillier. In line with the Mandarin chinese website, Mactakara (and re-reported oleh CNET), <strong>link</strong> the iPhone5 is due to be released at some point in Fall of 2012. A stable sumber says that the established release tanggal will be in both September atau October. Regardless of whether this post is accurate atau otherwise is up for issue, although the likelihood of a 2012 release tanggal for that iPhone5 is intriguing for a lot of diehard apel, apple inc fans. Another rumor concerning the <strong>link</strong> iPhone5 regards the dimensions of the screen. As per some assessments, the display size may possibly exceed 5 in ., which would constitute good curiosity to a lotf of apel, apple lovers. Despite the fact that developing trial samples are yet to delivered adequate explanation, the rumours are alluring nevertheless. Finally, there is a rumor floating around which could not really so excellent for apel, apple mackintosh enthusiasts out there. The Chief executive officer of apel, apple inc, Tim Cook, has talked about on various instances that they do not think the iPhone5 should also be less than various other versions. In fact, they claim they <strong>link</strong> will not have to manufacture lebih affordable mobile handsets oleh any means. </p>
<p>Consequently, one could moderately consider that this iPhone5 will probably be as high-priced as atau even lebih overpriced than earlier styles. The latest and greatest technology commonly bills a ton of money and therefore the iPhone5 isn’t a exemption. The attributes for any iPhone5 is likewise obtaining the eye of many people. One blogger brings up that the tanggal and time for SMS for the iOS is going to <strong>link</strong> be involved. So that anda can simplicity the issues of past styles, apel, apple has with a little luck added this beautiful feature.Also included within the new iPhone5 would be the additional Bluetooth functions needed for shifting a number of documents. Nevertheless there is a variety of operating Bluetooth on existing apel, apple iphones, there are lots of includes that happen to be missing because of the deficiency of technological innovation on the phone. With a little luck, apel, apple mackintosh may correct this condition for their brand new iPhone5. The cabability to cover <strong>link</strong> apps that are generally unnecessary on the iPhone5 is likewise an amazing convenience to apel, apple company clients around the world. Weather, Shares, and Video hosting sites applications are general around the apel, apple iphones, having berkata that not every solitary human being genuinely calls for these. Ultimately, one of the last advancements that numerous diehard apel, apple company addicts are looking meneruskan, ke depan to would be the turn-by-turn <strong>link</strong> speech routing. While navigation solutions presently support a large number of motorists and people daily, the modern turn-by-turn strategy is a lot lebih powerful that it will make travel much lebih less complicated while using the iPhone5. </p>
<p>Though The apel, apple company provides buyers with good <strong>link</strong> items consistently, there’s a fear perhaps the iPhone5 will meet the expectations set oleh sebelumnya models. On the other hand, if any of the rumored capabilities appear true, the iPhone5 has to be a knockout!Although the terrific apel, apple designer, Steve Jobs, has gone away, the line of iPhones is now being long term with remarkable execution. Jobs in all likelihood had a role in building <strong>link</strong> the iPhone5 prior to his demise, which ensures the utmost quality of the imminent merchandise. Not a whole lot is still acknowledged regarding the iPhone5, but a good deal of rumors have been went oleh around the well known h2o cooler. As reported oleh the Mandarin chinese web site, Mactakara (and re-reported oleh TechCrunch), the iPhone5 is set to be released at some point in Autumn of 2012. A good resource claims that this formal launch tanggal can be found in either June atau November. Regardless of whether this post is true atau otherwise not is up for argument, nevertheless the likelihood of a 12 launch <strong>link</strong> hari for your iPhone5 is appealing for most devoted apel, apple company admirers. </p>
<p>Another gossip in regards to the iPhone5 regards the strength of the display. As per quite a few evaluations, the display size might go over 4 in ., which will represent great interest to several of apel, apple mackintosh owners. Even though <strong>link</strong> producing trials havent diberikan ample explanation, the gossips are enticing nevertheless. Ultimately, there is a rumor surfacing which may not be so great for apel, apple mackintosh fan in existence. The puncak, atas dog of Mac products, Tim Cook, has pointed out on various events which they do not think the iPhone5 must be less expensive than some other versions. In reality, they claim they will not need to yield inexpensive phone in the slightest degree. Therefore, anda can quite end that your iPhone5 will be as costly as atau maybe lebih pricy than past designs. <strong>link</strong> The most baru saja technology quite often bills a ton of money and also the iPhone5 is not any exemption. The feature daftar for your iPhone5 is additionally drawing the eye of numerous people. One writer describes that the timestamps for Text messages for the messaging system shall be provided. In order to alleviate the challenges of former models, The apel, apple company has with luck , included this beautiful feature.Included as <strong>link</strong> well with the new iPhone5 may be the added Bluetooth attributes required for switching specified data files. While there is a kind of functioning Wireless on existing i-phones, there are a lot of features that are absent because of the absence of technological know-how on the phone. </p>
<p>Hopefully, The apel, apple company will correct this problem for their innovative iPhone5. The opportunity to cover apps that usually are unnecessary around the iPhone5 is likewise an amazing benefit to apel, apple company clients worldwide <strong>link</strong> . Weather, Shares, and Vimeo programs are very easy within the iPhones, even so not every single man atau women honestly calls for them. At last, one of many very last improvements that numerous <strong>link</strong> devoted apel, apple inc admirers are predicting may be the turn-by-turn words direction-finding. While direction-finding products and services oleh now support thousands of people and people regularly, the new turn-by-turn device is a lot lebih useful that it will help to make travel a great deal lebih less complicated when using the iPhone5. Despite the fact that apel, apple inc provides end users using good merchandise continuously, there <strong>link</strong> exists a fear whether atau not the iPhone5 will live up to the outlook set oleh sebelumnya versions. </p>
<p>Nonetheless, if any of the rumored options seem to be true, the iPhone5 has to be knockout!El lanzamiento del próximo iPhone 5 podría coincidir con la misma fecha que de su máximo rival el Samsung Galaxy S3. Como es de costumbre apel, apple siempre ha revelado las fechas de los lanzamientos y esta no será una excepción. Si estos lanzamientos son tan cercanos ¿Que smartphone compraríais? , desde planetsmartphone <strong>link</strong> os iremos avanzando las noticias de estos dispositivos conforme las compañías vayan facilitando y revelando sus características. Según algunas fuentes Samsung Galaxy S3 vera la luz el próximo verano, no se ha dicho nada todavía pero es probable que ambos smartphones vean la luz en junio en periodos un poco separados para no comerse cuotas de mercado entre si. La idea es que ambos sean smartphones que marquen tendencia, pero con la salida del iPhone 4S no sabemos que sorpresas nos depara Apple, quizás una pantalla mas grande o quizás conexión 4G como iPad 3, desde aquí planetsmartphone apostamos mas por el nuevo “engendro” de Samsung. </p>