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Best Present for iPod User — EarthSoft Bluray To iPod Converter

Blu-ray film are replacing the standard DVD film for they are sharper, brighter and lebih detailed. anda will feel anda are watching film in theater. Blu-ray is so nice that many people will think of putting them on their iPod atau iPhone. When I have bought a iPod Touch, I always use it to enjoy the fantastic audio and video when I am free. While I often eager to watch Blu-ray film with my iPod Touch, it seems difficult to enjoy Blu-ray movie directly before. Now it is possible that if anda have a nice link and maybe a iPod Transfer.


While how to Rip Blu sinar, ray DVD film to iPod video format?
First, anda must install link on your PC,
Step 1: Load your BD

Load your BD into your Blu-ray driver.


Step 2: Output Profile

Choose your output profil from the drop-down daftar according to your need. anda choose output format as the generation of your iPod.


Step 3: Begin converting.
After a few minites, anda will get what anda want for your iPod Touch.

oleh the way, linksupports playing BD and DVD film before converting, customizing the encoding parameters, clipping the movie segments freely, capturing the gambar in cuplikan oleh snapshots, shutting down the computer automatically after converting has been finished, and other handy functions.
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