Al Fliction

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Al Fliction has been an artist his entire life. Fliction was an integral part of the graffiti movement in NYC that saw urban youth leaving their artistic imprint all over the Big Apple’s subways and landscapes. Now an entrepreneur in the exploding urban tattoo market, Fliction owns and operates two boutiques, hosts tattoo parties in his custom-made RV, and co-founded the first and only urban tattoo convention in the world.
Twitter: @Al_Fliction

Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller learned the art of tattooing while stationed in Abilene, TX, serving in the United States Air Force. Miller is known for his new school realism that has the precision and contour of a high-density photograph. A perfectionist oleh nature, he often has trouble looking at his own work because all he sees are the countless ways that he could have done better. It’s the competitive api that burns in him that motivated him to open his own shop, Pigment Dermographics and Fine Art, a high-end custom tattoo studio located in Austin, TX.

Tommy Helm

Tommy Helm has been living a life of art since he was a child. As a teen, he created murals, painted jackets and worked with oil paints, which translated into him pursing art as a career. He graduated from FIT and decided that the corporate world was not for him. Helm was inspired to enter the world of tattooing oleh an artist, an old biker named Florida Frank, the man behind his own first taste of ink – a tribal tattoo. Helm has lebih than 16 years experience under his sabuk and is the owner of Empire State Studio located in Oceanside, NY. His favorit style of tattooing involves solid and bold warna with lots of detail and it has proved to be very populer with clients, who often wait up to a tahun and half to get inked oleh Helm.
Twitter: @TommyHelmArt

Shane O’Neill

Shane O’Neill is a self-taught and extremely confident tattoo artist. A graduate of the universitas of Arts in Philadelphia, O’Neill began his career first as a professional illustrator before making what he called the “natural transition into tattooing.” He is recognized as one of the best portrait and realism tattoo artists currently out there. He also specializes in wildlife and horror artwork. He currently owns Shane O’Neill’s Infamous Tattoo with two locations, one in Middletown, DE and the other in Willow Grove, PA and is also is launching his own line of tattoo products via a new company, System One Tattoo Products . When not working at his own shops , O’Neill travels the country and internationally to tattoo conventions . He has been featured in many magazines and won has over a hundred awards for his work.
Twitter: @IMShaneONeill

Brian Robinson B-TAT

Brian Robinson is a street-savvy, competitive, fast-talking and no-nonsense tattoo artist. Robinson originally aspired to become an art teacher after graduating from the State universitas of Delaware and a graphic desain internship at Disney. However, his life and plans changed. This married father of two credits a close friend of his for inspiring him to enter the world of tattooing. Robinson has been tattooing professionally for close to ten years and owns his own shop, Moving Ink, based in Essex County, NJ. His urban style of realism and cinta for black and grey portraits has attracted numerous clients including many rap and hip hop artists.

Heather Sinn

As a child, Heather Sinn had a passion for art and could often be found painting and drawing. She believes her cinta of tattooing is a just a grown up version of that passion. As one of the few females in a mostly male-dominated profession, Heather was often discouraged from pursing her craft. However, her persistence and dedication to the art of tattooing has won her several awards. Tattooing for close to 14 years, she is best-know known as a traditional old school artist, but her work in foto realism and tato that look like actual artwork/paintings has made her an in demand artist in Southern California. She currently is co-owner of The Tattoo Room in Simi Valley.
Websites: and
Twitter: @HeatherSinn

James Vaughn

With talent and a wicked sense of humor coupled with southern charm, James Vaughn is the ultimate triple threat. Vaughn got his first tattoo when he was 12. It was a menyeberang, salib that he still has on his hand. From that moment, he was hooked on tato and the art of tattooing. Vaughn specializes in neo Japanese and old school traditional tattooing styles. He’s won 300+ awards and has been published lebih than 20 times for his work. In the tattoo world, he is a rare breed because he still draws all his designs “free hand” on his client’s skin with a black Sharpie. Vaughn has been tattooing for lebih than 20 years and owns his own shop, Straight A Tattoo, located in Asheboro, NC.
Twitter: @mrjamesvaughn

Bili Vegas

Bili Vegas has been passionate about art since he had the dexterity to hold a crayon in his hands and cover himself in finger paint. As a child living in New York, he experienced the many museums and galleries the city had to offer. He also spent lots of time at his brother-in-law’s tattoo shop, which exposed and introduced him to many of the biggest names in tattooing, igniting his passion for the art. Vegas’ work requires a three-hour minimum because of the detail he creates in his hyper-realism, biomechanical and portraiture styles. He is the owner of Sacred Tattoo, located in New York City.
Websites: and
Twitter: @bilivegas

Lea Vendetta

Lea Vendetta was born in Paris, France and is an accomplished tattoo artist who has worked all over the world. Vendetta has been painting professionally for lebih than 15 years and has been tattooing since 1996. Her work often pays tribute to Paris and her cinta of the art deco style. Her paintings have been exhibited in France, New York, Los Angeles and Florida and her tattoo work has been featured in tattoo magazines both nationally and internationally. Vendetta’s incredible personal tattoo artwork has won her the cover of at least twelve tattoo magazines. After owning her own successful tattoo shop, she now works at A Stroke Of Genius tato in Boca Raton, FL where she balances appointments with her modeling work and painting for upcoming art exhibitions. Website:
Twitter: @LeaVendetta

Josh Woods

Josh Woods’ early career as a musician led him to a fascination with tattoos. After achieving moderate success with his band, Woods chose to follow his true passion – to become a tattoo artist. With apprenticeships at shops with artists in Buffalo, NY and Atlanta, GA, Woods has worked hard to make a name for himself and is known for his use of bold, bright warna and a “cartoony,” illustrated style of tattooing. He’s been featured in numerous tattoo magazines and is also featured in Mike DeVries’ bestselling book, Tattoo Prodigies. After hitting the international tour circuit, he took the big leap and opened his own shop. For the detik tahun in a row, Woods’ toko Black 13 Tattoo was named the #1 Tattoo Parlor in Nashville oleh Nashville Scene magazine.
Twitter: @joshwoodsart