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posted by celia-chan
Akane, just a typical girl who has kastanye, chestnut brown hair and ungu colored eyes and likes to take pictures especially if her subject is none other then Shindou Takuto atau Shin-sama as she always calls him, was walking around the school to find some other subjects for her pictures when she heard someone whistling. She followed the sweet sound only to find her beloved Shin-sama whistling,Shindou realizing that Akane was looking at him stopped whistling.

"Oh hello Akane." He smiled.

Akane being as shy as ever,quickly looked down and replied with a soft hello as her cheeks slowly turned red. Shindou...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: And we are back!

IE cast: NOOOO!! *Groans*

Conner: Oh put a kaus kaki in your mouth! anda guys are use to it now!

Sai: Now, I have gotten a few T & D's sent to me, so I'm gonna use one sent by...*Drum roll* sugar14angel
1-for mew mew's sake aphrodi why do anda think anda are a god?
2-humm...sugar wants to know if bunga tulp, tulip head's parent opened his mind when he was young and planted a bunga tulp, tulip on his head then closed his head back and that is how he got the bunga tulp, tulip right?

1-kazemaru for real? a ponytail? i swear i have a fight with my oka -san for making...
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posted by ShadowProve13
*Bus pulls up in front of a farm*

Sai & Conner: *Gets out of the bus*

IE cast: *Also gets out of the bus* *Looks around* Where the *beeb* are we?!?!?!?

Sai: *Clears throat* Welcome to the Funny Farm!

IE cast: Funny Farm?!

Conner: Yes the Funny Farm, a.k.a the farm version of an asylum!

Gouenji: Asylum..? anda mean the place where they send insane, crazy, wackos!?!?!?!

Sai: Yep! ^o^

Aphrodi: Hey! This is the place anda sent me to when I was, anda know, coocoo...

IE cast: *Sweat drops*

Sai: Yeeahhh........Anyway, Conner & I decided that anda guys need some fresh air.

Conner: And also, do anda know how...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: Oh yeah! We're back!

IE cast: *Groans*

Endou: C'mon! This is the 11th chapter! Haven't anda two tortured us enough?!!

Sai & Conner: *Looks at each other* Nope!

IE cast: -_-||

Conner: Okayy, well on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* arham1234.

Someoka, act like a pig for 10 minutes.

Midorikawa, sing "row row row your boat" 3 times.

Axel, put a peice of an ice cube down your shirt, and dance until it comes out.

Sakuma, lick a mirror

Fudou and Fubuki, praise Burn and act like a servant of him for the rest of this chapter

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