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posted by celia-chan
Akane, just a typical girl who has kastanye, chestnut brown hair and ungu colored eyes and likes to take pictures especially if her subject is none other then Shindou Takuto atau Shin-sama as she always calls him, was walking around the school to find some other subjects for her pictures when she heard someone whistling. She followed the sweet sound only to find her beloved Shin-sama whistling,Shindou realizing that Akane was looking at him stopped whistling.

"Oh hello Akane." He smiled.

Akane being as shy as ever,quickly looked down and replied with a soft hello as her cheeks slowly turned red. Shindou...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Just so anda guys know, when the brackets appear (...) when someone is talking that means that they are thinking.
Sai: I'ma Baaaack~ And guess who's come here with me?

IE cast: Conner!? (Please say yes!)

Sai: *Giggles* Good guess, but no. Everyone say hello to Alex, but everyone calls him 'Hex' cause he's kinda into that black magic mumbo jumbo.

Hex: Hey. And Sai, my religion is Paganism, so I don't do 'black magic mumbo jumbo'. I do witchcraft.......Sorta.

Sai: Yeah well, my religion is better!

Hex: Your religion? Oh! anda mean Jashinism. A.k.a 'The...
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Inazuma J Spike (イナズマJスパイク)

Sawayaka Spike (さわやかスパイク)

Kasamino Spike (傘美野スパイク)

Seishun Spike (青春スパイク)

Mikage Sennou Spike (御影専農スパイク)

Hoshikuzu no Shoes (ほしくずのシューズ)

White Spike (ホワイトスパイク)

Soyokaze Spike (そよかぜスパイク)

Marshal Shoes (マーシャルシューズ)

Shikkoku no Spike (しっこくのスパイク)

D Lion Shoes (Dライオンシューズ)

Ninja Spike (ニンジャスパイク)

Phaser Spike (フェザースパイク)

Wing Spike (ウイングスパイク)

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posted by mini17
Shuuya Gouenji (豪炎寺 修也)
He is the ace striker and voice of reason of the team. His sister, Yuka is in a coma because of Kageyama's interference to stop him from play against Teikoku Academy. He keeps an amulet made oleh his sister, and make a promise with her about stop playing soccer, but when he realizes his passion for the game, he changes that promise to become the champion of the Football Frontier.

His hissatsu techniques:
[Season one] api Tornado, Inazuma Drop (with Kabeyama), Inazuma One (with Endou),Flame Weather Vane (with Kazemaru), Inazuma One Drop (with Endou and kabeyama),...
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Inazuma Eleven Players:

Japanese English
-Kakeru Megane/William Glass
-Teppei Kurimatsu/Tod Ironside
-Ryugo Someoka/Kevin Dragonfly
-Gounji Shuuya/Axel Blaze
-Kidou yuuto/Jude Sharp
-Fudou Akio/Caleb Stonewall
-Sakuma Jirou/David Sanford
-Koujirou Genda/Joseph King
-Fubuki Shirou/Shawn Frost
-Ichirouta Kazemaru/Nathan Swift
-Hiroto Kiyama/Xavier Foster
-Nagumo Haruya/Claude Beacons/Burn
-Fuusuke Suzuno/Bryce Withingale/Gazelle
-Ryuuji Midorikawa/Jordan Greenway
-Kogure Yuuya/Scotty Banyan
-Tachimukai Yuuki/Darren Charles
-Kira Hitomiko/Lina
-Kudou Fuyuka/Camelia
-Haruna Otonashi/Celia Hills
-Aki Kino/Sylvia Woods...
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posted by celia-chan
Kino Aki (木野 秋) was the first manager of Raimon sepakbola Club and later one of the managers for Inazuma Japan. In the Inazuma Eleven GO series, she is the coach of Akizora Challengers.
She is the childhood friend of Ichinose and Domon. Aki, Domon and Ichinose lived in America and played sepakbola together. She witnessed Ichinose being hit oleh a truck and decided to give up sepakbola because of this. She and Domon returned to jepang under the impression that Ichinose was dead. Later on, she met Endou Mamoru and was impressed oleh
Aki as Inazuma Girl's goalkeeper in Inazuma Eleven Strikers
his love...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We got some truths & dares~

IE cast: *Looks up at the sky* anda hate us don't anda God!?

Sai: The only god that I believe in is Lord Jashin-sama! ^o^

IE cast:..........!!

Hiroto: Where's Conner?

Sai: He's sick.

Fudou: Crap!!! That means we're gonna be left alone with you?!?!?!!?

Sai: Not really. My 19 yr old cousin Cj will be his replacement!

Cj: Why the *beeb* am I here!? I don't know anything about this frickin' show!!

Sai: Don't worry my dear cousin, you'll get the hang of it. Now why don't anda tell everyone the person that sent the T & D's?

Cj: O-Okay. *Grabs notes* Ummm this batch of...
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posted by ChocoLuvr101
Alright, throughout the Inazuma Eleven fanbase, one of the most supported is Natsumi X Gouenji. I think mostly the sumber of this ship is because it is berkata in wikipedia that Natsumi likes Gouenji. As much as I say rely on wikipedia to help me in my schoolwork, I will say it is not always a reliable sumber of info since it could be edited anytime as long as anda have a wikipedia account.

But let's cut wikipedia out of this first guys and use our own obsevation skills, have we ever seen anything in the series that hints that Gouenji atau Natsumi has any feelings for eachother? If there was, I'd...
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posted by Zoro_Roronoa
It was a sunny afternoon and I've got nothing to do but lazed around looking for something to do.Then suddenly I found this "thing" about Inazuma Eleven.I thought about the girls and thought that maybe I can pair them up wiht some other boy so here are the results that I pair up the girls with...

Endou and Aki
Gouenji and Natsumi
Kidou and Haruna
Tsunami and Touko
Kidou and Fuyuka
Endou and Fuyuka
Kazemaru and Reika
Edgar and Fuyuka*I dunno about this*
Ichinose and Aki
Ichinose and Rika
Edgar and Rika
Hiroito and Reina
Ryuuji and Reina*I don't think so*
Endou and Natsumi
Kogure and Haruna*maybe*
Kudou and Hitomiko*this is NUTZ!!*
Fudou and Haruna
Endiu and Touko
Fubuki and Fuyuka
Tachimukai and Haruna
goku and Chichi*Just KIDDING HAHAHAHAHA,anyway this is Dragon ballz stuff,this couple*

And thats all I guess the most CRAZIEST one is Tsunami and Rika...AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_< >3< ITS @#$%&* MAN!
Part 25- The selanjutnya Challenge

The steady hum of the caravans engine eased everyone into a peaceful sleep. Soon after their departure from Hakuren, the members of Raimon snuggled up into their sleeping bags and fell asleep. Everyone, except for Satsuki.

Her head rested against the window, watching the Hokkaido landscape slowly pass oleh her. The sky began to change into a light purple as the hari turned to night.

Satsuki began to think about what had happened that day. Raimon had finally defeated Gemini Storm! It was a miraculous battle, no thanks to Fubuki....

In the beginning of the match, things...
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posted by Tonikablaze
It has been a long time since I left.I know it`s not important if a member leaves.But it`s important if many of them leaves.When I used to visit here regularly then here in this club we had a lot of fun...a lot of excitements..We used to post sweet things on eachother`s wall.We knew It`s the best club in the world.It`s the place where everyone gets pleasure....We had fun playing Role Play(forum).Never ending pary(forum), quizes and polls.Everyday we came and enjoyed.We were only 1000 fan then.We wanted new member,more fan so we can have lebih fun....People did come.But Many of us left.....but...
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Na NaNaNa… Na NaNaNa…

kyoushitsu no kokuban ni
kaita moji
zenbu kieta keredomo
minna de egaita seishun wa
zettai! mou kienai
omoide sa!

kimi to deaeta koto wo zettai ni wasurenai
donna ni tooku
itsumo atarimae no anda ni minna issho ni ite
kurai wadai datte
warai ni kaeta mitai ni

utsumukanaide waratte yukou!
sayonara, mata ne!
(mata ne!)
utsumukanaide waratte yukou! sayonara
mata ne!

bokutachi no kage ga nobiru
koutei ni mirai no tane wo umeta
itsuka ooki na ki no shita de
zettai! mata minna de atsumarou!

kimi to deaeta koto de umarekawaretanda
konna jibun wo
suki ni nareta
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posted by lubasakura
Fei Lune (フェイ・ルーン) is a main character in the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series. He plays as a midfielder for Raimon. As SARU made him remember his past, he re-joins Feida and becomes captain of Garu.

Background: When he was a little child, he was abandoned oleh his father though he had a gift that was a plushie toy, but Fei hated it and threw it away in anger. Because of this, he had a hard time speaking about family things, and would rather not talk about it, just like how Tenma asked whether he had siblings.

Fei as a child, sad because his father abandoned him
Also, because...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: And we are back!

IE cast: NOOOO!! *Groans*

Conner: Oh put a kaus kaki in your mouth! anda guys are use to it now!

Sai: Now, I have gotten a few T & D's sent to me, so I'm gonna use one sent by...*Drum roll* sugar14angel
1-for mew mew's sake aphrodi why do anda think anda are a god?
2-humm...sugar wants to know if bunga tulp, tulip head's parent opened his mind when he was young and planted a bunga tulp, tulip on his head then closed his head back and that is how he got the bunga tulp, tulip right?

1-kazemaru for real? a ponytail? i swear i have a fight with my oka -san for making...
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posted by ShuuyaLover
Summary : Goenji was depressed due to their lost to Argentina's The Kingdom. And he was even lebih confused when they watch a video of the old Japan's represantitive teams in FFI. Who's the guy that looks exactly like him?

Chapter 2 : GoenjixKidou?

Goenji Shuuya's POV


When I heard my family name, I turned to the person who called me. It was Otonashi Haruna, Kidou's precious little sister. Hehehe. Let's just wait what his reaction will be when he finds out that Fudou had captured her heart.

"Why are anda still here, Otonashi? I thought anda have a tanggal with Fudou." While I speak, I wondered...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Conner: We've got some T & D's!

IE cast: Oh joy...


Conner: Errrr, Sai?


Touko: Is she alright?

Conner: *Sighs* She's thinking of ways of how to kill her cousins, Skye & Cj.

IE cast: *Freaked out* W-Why?

Conner: It's a long story. Anyway on to the T & D's sent by...*drum roll* Kiyama-Luna.
I dare ...

Burn to wear a berwarna merah muda, merah muda dress

Gazel to ciuman Burn (while Burn is wearing the dress)

Aphrodi to throw the person that made him belive his is a god into the hiu tank

Tsunami to watch other poeple surfing while he can´t go surfing...
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posted by mini17
 Kidokawa Seishuu
Kidokawa Seishuu
Raimon's selanjutnya match is against the team they fought in last tournament; Kidokawa Seishuu. And this team is also under Fifth Sector's control also. Ishido Shuuji meets up with the coach of Kidokawa Seishuu that is revealed to be none other than Terumi Afuro. Raimon's match against Kidokawa Seishuu starts and Raimon gets a hard time with the match against Kidokawa Seishuu.

*The third match of the Holy Road start.
*The whole Kidokawa Seishuu team will appear.
*Terumi Afuro will reappear in GO.
*The water stadium will appear too during the match between Raimon and Kidokawa Seishuu.
*Aphrodi will appear in episode 29 of GO as the new coach of Kidokawa Seishuu (GO).
*Aphrodi has some connection with Ishido Shuuji.
*It is currently unknown why Aphrodi joined Fifth Sector.
*Aphrodi maybe joined Fifth Sector because it's leader is actually Gouenji whom he had a good relationship with in the past.
 Afuro "Aphrodi" Terumi
Afuro "Aphrodi" Terumi
 Kidokawa's captain
Kidokawa's captain
posted by ShadowProve13
*Bus pulls up in front of a farm*

Sai & Conner: *Gets out of the bus*

IE cast: *Also gets out of the bus* *Looks around* Where the *beeb* are we?!?!?!?

Sai: *Clears throat* Welcome to the Funny Farm!

IE cast: Funny Farm?!

Conner: Yes the Funny Farm, a.k.a the farm version of an asylum!

Gouenji: Asylum..? anda mean the place where they send insane, crazy, wackos!?!?!?!

Sai: Yep! ^o^

Aphrodi: Hey! This is the place anda sent me to when I was, anda know, coocoo...

IE cast: *Sweat drops*

Sai: Yeeahhh........Anyway, Conner & I decided that anda guys need some fresh air.

Conner: And also, do anda know how...
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posted by ShadowProve13
It'll get funnier near the end >->
It was friday afternoon, and api Dragon just finished practice. Aphrodi, Burn, and Gazel had the job of packing everything away.....In which Burn didn't help much. After everything was packed away, and Gazel scolded Burn for his "lazyness". Aphrodi walked up to the two.

"Hey Nagumo, Suzu?"

Gazel's eye twitched at his "nickname". He hated to be called that.

"Well, at least it's better then being called "Fufu"." Gazel thought.

"Yeah, what is it?" Burn asked, with his hands behind his head.

Aphrodi smiled at the two and...
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posted by ShadowProve13
Sai: We're back~

IE cast: Ugh.

Conner: And 2 people have sent us some T & D's ^o^

IE cast: UGGH!

Sai: Stop groaning! *Grabs skateboard*

IE cast:......

Sai: Much better~ Okay, so our first lot of dares come from..*drum roll* afsha1997.

IE cast: *Sarcastically* Yay...

Conner: Here are afsha's dares.
axel laugh loudly in front of girls

natsumi wear bunny dress for 24 hours

mark put his tire in the lake

aki tell her feelings

sue meninju, pukulan eric

eric say i cinta u too sue
Gouenji: I have to laugh in front of the...
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