It was sunny in Los Noches, Hueco Mundo. The sun came pouring in through the curtains.
“Get up.” A quiet voice mumbled unhappily.
anda rolled over and pulled the blanket over your head. The voice in the doorway sighed. anda heard steps being taken toward anda and anda got ready to Shunpo .The blankets were lifted off anda and before anda knew it, atau before anda could Shunpo, a bright smiling gin stood over you. He was beaming with joy, and anda gave him a freaked out face. “Why don’t anda people ever let me sleep!?!?”
“Lord Aizen told me to wake everyone up today before 6:00 a.m.”
“Why not come back say…..5 hours later, and try and wake me up again?”
“I’m sorry, I can’t aizen said”
There was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes. anda got up and told him to leave so anda could get dressed. anda were wearing a dress much like Miss Inoue’s, but it was thinner at the hips, and had no sleeves. anda walked out the door to see Aizen and gin chatting. Quietly tip-toeing over to their conversation; only to hear them discussing something that ticked anda off a little.
“Gin, she is going to be your subordinate. She will be pretty much like your Fracción.”
gin breathed a heavy sigh and grinned happily. “Yes, Aizen.”
Aizen walked away grinning. gin disappeared, and anda had no idea where he went off to. “Great... I have to be under him again. I’m always under Gin. It was even worse in the soul reaper academy. He use to tease me about my kido… I wasn’t a captain; I was always detik best at everything compared. Ughh, I might as well suck it up.”
”What’s wrong?”
”GAH!” anda screamed out of shock. anda thought gin had wandered off to his room before. But he had been ease dropping on anda talking to yourself; just as anda had been ease dropping on him & Aizen.
“Well…?” gin berkata tilting his head in a questioning way. anda wondered if anda should tell him it wasn’t natural to bend your head that way all the time; but anda figured anda shouldn’t.
“N-Nothing” anda tried your best not to stutter, but it was hard not to with the way he was starring at you. Even though anda found it oddly attracting, anda just looked away. Hoping he hadn’t seen anda blush, anda maneuvered your way past him and walked off to your room in a type of speed-walking but not quite as fast as anda had hoped anda would, because gin was walking toward you. anda looked out the corner of your eye and he was standing right behind you, anda froze in your tracks. He put his hand on your shoulder and spun anda around. anda gave him a sharp glare, then turned away took a deep breath, turned around and told him to leave anda be. He looked a little shocked at first, but acknowledged your request and left with cepat, swift retreat. anda hustled into your room and sat down on the bed. anda picked up a silver comb on your dresser and began to glide it smoothly through your hair. anda couldn’t get thoughts of gin out of your head. anda finally stopped when Halibel walked in and closed the door behind her…