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"Oh Orihime I can't believe you're
finally getting married!"
"I know Tatsuki. I can't believe it
"Oh sounds like it's just about time
to go."
"Hey Carrot-Top hurry up! It's time
to go!"
"Ok. Ok. anda guys ready?"
(A/N: Uryu, Renji, Mizuiro, and
Keigo are the groomsmen, Chad is
the Best Man, and Jinta is the Ring
"Miss Tatsuki you're up. Then Miss
Rangiku and Miss Rukia anda two go
right behind her, but Miss Tatsuki
will lead." Spyncr says.
Tatsuki walks down the aisle with
Rangiku and Rukia following close
(A/N: Rangiku's hair looks like
Selena Gomez's long, wavy
hairstyle. Rukia's...
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posted by Gwiazdeczka
List of opening and ending video from the anime with IchiHime scenes in them!

Opening #06: "ALONES" oleh Aqua Timez (eps 121-143)
Opening #12: "chAngE" oleh miwa (eps 266-291)
Ending #12: "Daidai" oleh chatmonchy (eps 132-143)
Ending #15: "Orange" oleh Lil'B a.k.a MIE&AILA (eps 168-179)
Ending #18: "Sky Chord ~Otona ni Naru Kimi he~" oleh Tsuji Shion (eps 202-214)
Ending #22: "Tabidatsu Kimi e" oleh RSP (eps 256-265)
Ending #24: "Echoes" oleh universe (eps 279-291)
Ending #25: "Last Moment" oleh SPYAIR (eps 292-303)
Ending #29: "Re:pray" oleh Aimer (eps 343-354)

If anda discover other videos, please share them here so we can enjoy lebih IchiHime scenes originally from the anime!
"What are anda doing!? Don't you
know that the dishes should've
been washed AGES ago?"
Orihime looked up fearfully at her
stepsister, her body shaking. Aoiko,
her atrocious stepsister, slapped
her sharply across her cheek,
knocking Orihime into the table.
The force shook the table, sending
the vase tumbling to the floor,
breaking the beautiful container
into dangerous shards. "Clean this
mess up! atau you'll have double the
work tomorrow!" Aoiko smirked
when Orihime whispered a small
"Yes sister" and began to clean the
floor. -If only I was in a different
home with kinder sisters and a
sweeter mother, then maybe...
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Rated: Fiction T
By: Star Slightly To The Right
If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky. AU

Inoue Orihime wasn't a person that could exactly blend in.

Her bright hair prevented that, and her ivory skin never fit in. She could usually never take a break in clothes, since they clung to her figure like a glove, causing unwanted attention to drift towards her, whether good atau bad. She'd never been the one to wish for attention, nor the one to want to squeal and buy berwarna merah muda, merah muda things.

She'd always been – to be honest – alone.

Before, she'd always been a polite, endearing, spirited child....
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"By the powers vested in me, it is my privilege to present the brand new Mr. and Mrs. Ichigo Kurosaki to anda all. And now I will allow the impatient groom to ciuman the bride."

Seemingly thunderous applause and amused laughter filled the church as groom willingly did as he was told. However, not before he threw a mock dirty glance at the pastor who had just diberikan him permission to give berkata ciuman to his wife of three seconds.

With all the cheering going on around them, though, the bride and groom had no trouble getting lost in their own joyous, whirling thoughts about how the wait was finally over....
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posted by Nalu-love
Chapter 4.
Pretending to be someone else wasn't easy. I knew it after all of this time I'd pretended to be someone else—someone who was not me.

I knew that oleh doing thing like this, it would be just like fooling my own self. I always knew that even oleh pretending like this, it would never change me. Deep inside, I would be always the same Ichigo. I would always be the scary punk who was good for nothing but fighting. No matter how hard I'd tried, I could never run away from who I really am.

I didn't even know why I did it. Did I really do this only to impress Akayama? It hurt me when she said...
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posted by Nalu-love
Chapter 3.
It has become a habit.

I never thought that one hari this would actually happen to me. Now, every hari after school I would have a tanggal with Kurosaki-kun. Not really a date, not a proper tanggal which I used to imagine but since the real Kurosaki-kun was not exactly like what was in my mind, this kind of tanggal was lebih than enough for me. I was grateful enough that I could spend my time with him in a game centre after school. I never saw Kurosaki-kun looked so excited like this before.

I laughed as I watched Kurosaki-kun spent his money on UFO catcher game. He spent 800 yen already but he...
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posted by Neeshi
"I am capable of what anda can offer, Orihime." He looked at me and I saw something flick through his brown eyes. I looked into his eyes asking for more. "So how much's the price to make anda stay here?"
"No, please I am begging you. Ulquiorra needs to be saved." I pleaded.
"And after what he berkata to you? anda still want to go after him. Wake up, Orihime. The world has moved on. Atleast I have." He got closer and closer to me and I wanted lebih than anything else in the world for him to get closer. I didn't know why I wanted that. And a part of me wishes that I don't want that to happen....
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posted by unohana
i got this from google when i seach tanabata. The story is smiliar to orihime and ichigo because they are spilt oleh a river too. Could it be that tite is makeing ichihime like the japanese legend of tanabata. READ:
Orihime (織姫 Weaving Princess ? ),
daughter of the Tentei (天帝 Sky
King, atau the universe itself ? ),
wove beautiful clothes oleh the bank
of the Amanogawa (天の川 Milky Way,
lit. "heavenly river" ? ). Her father
loved the cloth that she wove and
so she worked very hard every day
to weave it. However, Orihime was
sad that because of her hard work
she could never meet and fall in
love with...
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anda and Me
What better can it be.
anda are the sun that shines
bright throughout my day.
Yes it's you.
The boy with the jeruk, orange hair
and the beautiful smile.
Even when we tried to save the world
I promise to be there for anda always.
Yes it's you.
A boy who became a man
and still he is trying to protect the world.
I cinta the way anda care for me.
I cinta the way anda make me feel safe.
I cinta the way anda protect me.
I cinta the way anda are always there for me.
I cinta the way anda always protect your family and friends.
But damn it there so many things I cinta about you.
Yes it's anda Kurosaki-kun.
Yes it's you.
Orihime inoue came back from her bathroom break and flop down on the dipan, sofa oleh kurosaki fun.
Ichigo: so ..
Orihime: so what
Ichgo: the story.
orihime: oh yea. So I left off with tataski chasing you.

Orihime told the story in flashbacks mode to the sebelumnya story that was said. While I. The hallway her and Chad. Approach her.
Chad :hey
Orihime: hey
Chad: ichgo, do anda like him.
Orihime: oh what about him
Chad: (thinking to himself) not that smart after all.
Orihime: (thinking) I cant tell him atau he tell ichigo
chad: yea
orihime : no
orihime: okay. ( looked happy)
Chad: k.

While Chad was talking...
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orihime: Ichigo do anda remember the first time we met.
ichigo: Yea, why.
orihime : ( rolling her eyes) oh nothing.
ichigo:(nudging her) tell me.
orihime : i just wanted to no that anda didn't forget it.
ichiigo: oh. well can anda tell me the story anyway.
orihime:( sighs) okay.
ichigo: yeah.
orihime : well it was last tahun , in the ninth grade......

orihime told the story how they met in the flashback mode.
In the ninth grade.
orihime: cant anda believe it tatski were freshman.
tatski: i can't. because your hugging me to tightly.
orihime: (letted go of tatski) sorry.
tatski: it's okay.
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posted by unohana
Él se dio la vuelta y le sonrió.
No era una sonrisa amplia,
sin embargo tenía cierta
alegría en ella. —Las reinas
siempre deben sonreír, no
importa cuan destrozado
estén las esperanzas, no
importa cuan perdida este la
situación, la sonrisa de una
reina siempre le llevará
confianza a su pueblo y a sus
soldados, quienes sentirán
más valor para defender su
tierra o morir en el intento.
Las reinas no lloran, Orihime,
las reinas gritan su apoyo a
sus soldados con la sonrisa.
Esa es la recompensa por
todas las muertes y heridas.
Las reinas comandan sus
ejércitos y contribuyen a que
su pueblo sobreviva a...
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17 months has passed since aizen's defeat. Now ichigo is fighting again in soul society this time with the quicy. Orihime is in hueco muedo with nel,chad,urahara and the others. Orihime puts her hands together and saids" ichigo...hope anda are alright".chad" i bet he is" orihime looks at chad" anda really think so". Chad than look up and said" yeah he's ichigo after all". Orihime smiles and saids"yeah..." later they heard foot steps from behind and they all turn. It was ichigo! Urahara" ichigo! anda look pretty bad" and ichigo as hurt as he was smiled and said"heh anda guys expected me to look...
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posted by Nalu-love
Chapter 2.
Never once in my life I was in such a situation I'd been that day. It must be my worst hari ever.

First, I'd been caught off guard when I was strolling alone oleh my school mate. Second, it was Inoue Orihime how's caught me, yes that Inoue, the weird Inoue—that was how people called her. I didn't pay attention why people called her so but now I thought I knew why. Third it took almost an jam to stop her…

"I don't understand what anda mean!"

"Oh, please Kurosaki-kun!" She begged, now her big gray eyes filled oleh tears she moved closer and closer, her expression was just like a dog who...
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posted by Nalu-love
Chapter 1
The boy I liked was the most perfect boy in our school. His nickname was "King", diberikan oleh his fans, boys and girls. Why not prince, why king, no one knew why he got that nickname. I never called him with that name but secretly I agreed, he did look like a king.

His name was Kurosaki Ichigo. He was in the same tahun with me though he was in different class. He was gentle, good looking, smart and good at sport. It was like there was nothing he couldn't do. He was just perfect, though that was not the real reason why I liked him.

He was also a member of student council. Every morning he...
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Chapter 1

Inoue Orihime sat on the chair of her new apartment, watching the sky from the window in her room. She had sat still for moments now, her mind blank and void of anything she considered as unnecessary.

Her mind drifted back to a painful, necessary memory. She wanted to forget, but whenever she was alone and quiet, the thoughts simply intrude her mind.

How long has it been? 10 years? She didn't know anymore. She lost track.

How could she possibly have lost track? She had a walking testament of how many years he had left.

Seven years.

Living testament? Curse atau blessing?

A child....
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ichigo started to put all his stuff from his meja tulis, meja into his book bag. Orihime started to say good bye to everyone in school. It was all the seniors' last hari in high school. Tatsuki turn to keigo and mizuro and said"well looks like our time here is over". Keigo sobbing"yeah..mmm im gonna miss anda all!!!" he tries to jump on tatsuki to give her a hug but tatsuki kicks him in the face and saids"calm down!! We are gonna see each other when we hang". Mizuro smiles and said"yeah keigo,dont act so stupid" and keigo yells at him"oh yeah well uh shut up!" everyone in the room laughs. "ichigo..uh what...
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Chapter 4
Frivolity and Gravity

"What else do anda need?" Tatsuki asked, staring at Orihime's back.

"Uhm… two kilos of pork, lettuce, lebih ketchup, and pepper," Orihime responded, wiping sweat off her brow.

She had been cooking for two hours and she was through with the appetizers and soup. She was currently working on the main dishes of Italian and Spanish courses. She didn't really need to cook so much but she thought of making it unforgettable somehow. It was as if she wanted to prove to a certain someone how much she was worth now.

"Okay," Tatsuki said. "I'll go now. I called Rukia to come...
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posted by unohana
Ichigo was sitting at a table
with uyru and chad.
Orihime was sitting at
another meja with
Tatsuki.''im gonna go to restroom
ok'' berkata Tatsuki.''thats gross!''yelled
orihime.tatsuki looked at orihime
with a confused face''why is that
gross''.''im eating!!'' berkata orihime.
Tatsuki laugh and berkata ''what your'e
eating is not gross atau what'' while
pointing at the food.''no its good''
said orihime.tatsuki left orihime
alone in the meja and uryu and chad
noice that and turn to
ichigo.''ichigo,orihime is alone dont
you want ask her anything'' said
uryu.ichigo stood up and had a look
of pride in his face and said''its...
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