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ishtar411 berkata …
I will always cinta this show. I hate that rubah, fox Channel 11(in L.A.) has moved it to their sister station after being in syndication on rubah, fox for lebih than 40 years. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Persephone713 berkata …
I cinta " I cinta Lucy" and like everybody- I know Lucy and Desi were each-others true loves and never stopped loving eachother- even-though they divorced. They are up in heaven together. I think Lucy jumped the shark, sadly back then they didnt have marriage counseling. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
ishtar411 komentar…
I think it was 50/50 on both of their parts. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Hekines komentar…
I saw their daughter saying that with the help of his brother, they tried SO MANY TIMES, to get them back together, and it never worked out well, as in Disney's Parent's Trap..... lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Persephone713 komentar…
^^neverless they were still the loves of eachothers lives- I have a feeling if it werent for that loser/moocher Gary Morton, that they would have gotten back together. Lucy admitted she missed and loved Desi around friends, same with Desi. Gary kept them apart/from getting back together. And he also wasted alot of Lucy's money. He was a loser. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Persephone713 berkata …
I have a BIG CRUSH on Desi Arnaz ( Ricky Ricardo)- so sexy and handsome of a Guy he was. And I cinta his Cuban accent, he made history in many different ways. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Hekines komentar…
May I say, that not only he was handsome and sexy, he was such a good father, a real familly man, and a really talented singer and actor, and a very smart business man. i cinta him. oleh the way, may I ask why anda are not memeber of his fan club? I'm menulis to anda from Paris, France. J'adore Desi. Il est mon rêve d'homme. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Hekines komentar…
C'est tellement DOMMAGE que son accent a joué un rôle handicapant dans sa carrière. Il est tellement doux, même quand il se met en colère, il est tellement adorable, même quand il n'est pas content, il est tellement attentionné, dans des situatudifficiles.... Il est formidable. Je l'adore. lebih dari setahun yang lalu
Persephone713 komentar…
I will have to look into joining Desi's fanclub. Thank you. atau a Lucy and Desi fanclub lebih dari setahun yang lalu