how i met your mother Who was the best returning guest star?

Pick one:
Billy Zabka- Barney's Hero
Rachel Bilson- The roommate
Enrique Iglesias- The foreign boyfriend
Britney Spears- Stella's receptionist
Lucy Hale- Little Scherbatsky
Danica McKeller- The pineapple incident
Alan Thicke- The fellow Canadian
James Vanderbeek- Robin's teen crush
April Bowlby- One of Barney's girls
Tim Gunn- Barney's Tailor
Sherri Shepherd- Marshal's travel buddy
Laura bel, bel, bell Bundy- Boats, Boats, Boats!
Roger Bart- The farhampton hotel manager
Martin Short- The eccentric environmental lawyer
Jayma Mays- The mantel check girl
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