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posted by liznchase
100: Being a complete jerk to people all the time will make them like you, and sometimes, they will also fall in cinta with you.

99: Vicodin will cure all wounds.

98: It's NEVER Lupus.

97: anda should know all about your sperm donors before utilizing their sperm. anda don't want your kid to be beaten up, after all.

96: Get a good alarm system and guard dog if you're going to be admitted into a certain Doctor House's care.

95: If you're a nurse and looking for spicing up your sex life, get a job in oncology.

94: Why read buku when anda can learn everything from TV?

93. It's NEVER the first diagnosis.

92. If anda play your friends right, anda can borrow 5 grand over a year.

91. There is no dignity in dying.

90. Ketamine is NOT a permanent cure for chronic leg pain.

89: Even if House doesn't want it, everyone around him wants to everything about him.

88. Everyone in the House universe has a sixth sense and can read people way too good.

87. It will never again be Wilson's disease, but it will be mentioned again.

86. If anda suggest Vasculitis enough, you'll start to sound smart.

85. Everybody Lies

84. Every menit House and Wilson refuse to cinta one another, another anak anjing, anjing cries another tear.

83. They don't call it the White House because of its paint job

82. New innuendo for masturbation: "Finding Nemo"

81. Drugs don't make House high, they make him neutral.

80. House loved "Awakenings." It made him cry.

79. Sometimes, he wants to cry.

78. If anda need to figure out your problems, poison your pet rat.

77. According to Wilson, you'd be surprised what anda can live with.

76. Wilson met someone who made him feel...funny, good.

75. Wilson didn't want to let that feeling go

74. Stacy lives in Short Hills

73. Genius does have side effects.

72. Cortisol is a cure all.

71. Wilson is a helluva cook.

70. Sex can kill.

69. If anda should screw up a self-inflicted circumcision, House will ensure good surgeons will put that twinkie back in its wrapper.

68. anjing cinta to eat vinyl records and Nike shox.

67. NEVER smoke marijuana grown in soil supplemented oleh moldy rye bread, parasite infested water, and pigeon feces.

66. EVERY living thing eats. Everything that eats, poops. That is why every living thing has a sanitation department.

65. anda can't always get what anda want

64. Watch out- cheese is the Devil's plaything.

63. House can be a jerk to people he hasn't slept with. He is that good.

62. Just because some one is attractive, in the House world, she is a whore.

61. There is a "me" in "team" (if anda jumble it up...!).

60. Everybody should get an MRI.

59. When anda think anda have HIV, get high.

58. When someone is in the hospital, it is guaranteed that their house is empty and anda can sneak in

57. If you're jeruk, orange and your wife doesn't notice, she's cheating on you.

56. House likes people who teach children that truth is good, and there is no God.

55. Once the queen is on your money, you're british

54. Personal lubricant is NOT located on the store shelf selanjutnya to the kacang mentega

53. Exploding testicles hurt

52. Penis canes are murder

51. Use a cane. The vertical stripe is quite slimming.

50. Smugness is easier to maintain than great hair.

49. Never is just "reven" spelt backwards

48. Drooling might be a symptom of Chase wearing his short shorts

47. If your colleague thinks she has HIV, she might invite anda over for sex under the influence...

46. LSD can be short circuited oleh anti depressants

45. If anda can't roll a joint, ask your oncologist for help

44. Don't piss House off

43. If anda spend half a tahun trying to convince an ex that she should dump her husband for you, the menit that she likes anda back, anda will lose interest.

42. Something bad is about to happen only if anda hear dramatic music.

41. If your leg hurts, anda miss Stacy.

40. The white board can't be used oleh black people, that's why it is called "the whiteboard".

39. Wilson can't just keep asking his patients to wait because Cameron's boss won't let her come out and play.

38. You'll go into custody if anda don't get on a plane with your checked-in bagage.

37. Carrying a radioactive "keychain" will give anda a dose of poisoning equivalent to 70 THOUSAND x-rays. Will also give your best friend a rash.

36. When anda order a ruben for House, make sure there are NO pickles.

35. If anda want a obstinate patient to take medicine, tell them it's the same one prescribed to "Republicans".

34. anda and your daughter will never look like twins; get her the damn es krim cake for her birthday!!!

33. A 100 pound 5'5" woman is incapable of breaking the fall of a 400 pound man. So is tempered glass. But it's a helluva a way to win your boss's respect.

32. If anda see a stethoscope hanging from House's door, he's having sex.

31. And it doesn't have to be with another person.

30. Whoever came up with Buprenorphine to wear off Vicodine should be shot the stabbed in the eye.

29. Life is a series of rooms.

28. Prednisone compromises the immune system.

27. Forcing someone to have a conversation with anda is "raping them, in a non-invasive, lebih annoying than traumatic way."

26. If anda get rid of a dog, it's becuase you're planning to dump your girlfriend.

25. House would do Wilson AFTER Cameron does Chase

24. Wilson's not on anti-depressants, he's on speeeeeed.

23. According to Wilson, House fell on his head when he was a child.

22. Chase hates Nuns.

21. House would consider low-rider jeans on Cameron both attention grabbing and "hot".

20. Having a criminal record and/or being hot are good ways of being hired oleh House

19. If anda have a cane anda can get away with ANYTHING!

18. House is the only one allowed to play with the markers.

17. Chase has a weakness for bald 9 yr old girls.

16. If one of your team rats anda out to a power hungry Board chairman don't api them... Torture is much lebih fun!

15. Canes are better than puppies!

14. Don't make Cuddy mad..... she'll take away your pills.

13. People used to have lebih respect for cripples anda know.

12. They didn't really.

11. House hasn't been on a tanggal since Disco died.

10. According to House and Wilson, it's Bros before Hoes.

9. Flames on a cane makes House look like he's going faster.

8. Leather jackets make anda warm *AND* cool. How do they know?

7. When the Inuit go fishing, they don't look for fish. (They look for the blue heron)

6. Overall, drug addicts are idiots

5. Asking a girl her "Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations" is a DEFINITE panty-peeler!!!

4. If your boss takes away your parking space, throw a tantrum and spend a week in a wheelchair to make your point.

3. anda can call Karl in book keeping "Kevin" because it's a secret friendship club name.

2. anda can see musik when tripping on LSD.

1. He is a mistanthropic, miserable, antisocial, sexist, bigoted, depressed, pill popping, motorcycle riding, selfish ass. But would anda trust anyone else with your life?

Note: Copied from imdb forums!
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this is my video from youtube..SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4-through the episode 3.21-4.16(clips taken from almost every episode. song used for clip - AC/DC - Highway to hell.House MD and his bitchin cane. enjoy ;)
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House's struggle with pain, drugs and being crippled, and how much Cuddy and Wilson are dragged through that struggle with him. Made oleh schismuse.
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Season 1 episode 5 - Damned if anda do
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Another video vicodin :) The song I used is: "I Want To Be Happy" oleh Carl Fenton's Orchestra
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A vid about House with the song that IS him, made oleh me.
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Credit: Kayenaatic
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