So, I am a baru saja convert to this pairing...as in, I only discovered it about a little over a bulan ago. For many years, I have not been able to see a pairing in the tampil Criminal Minds because everyone seemed too much like friends and it didn't feel right to pair them off...but then I discovered this.

As soon as I discovered it, I felt like a veil had been lifted from off my eyes and I could suddenly see! I saw nothing but how the two of them worked so well together and every single precious moment that they've shared.

Now, what truly converted me was the fact that they were so similar as to freak me out a little and make me wonder if the writers actually intended it.

Here's a peak at what I'm talking about...

Number One: JJ and Hotch both are pretty much single parents of wonderful little boys. Yes, JJ has Will, but he's pretty much not in the picture except to help raise Henry. Pay attention to the details, people...a parent in the background feeling like the detik spouse because the other is lebih married to the work? Remind anda of anyone? It should...Haley Hotchner. Remember what she did? Yep...she left her husband. Now, Will leaving JJ would be sad, but it would be completely understandable as well. The pregnancy wasn't planned, so it seems to me they're merely staying together for the boy.

Number Two: They trust each other lebih than the rest of the team. Hotch only seems to let down his guard around JJ. Pay attention in Season 2, Episode 22, Legacy. The two of them have several moments together, and in one of them he not only smiles, but he laughs too! And in a later episode, Lo Fi, JJ tells him something that she has never told anyone else...the fact that her sister committed suicide. And then she comforts him, telling him that it eventually gets better and that he can remember and not hurt, in reference to his losing Haley.

Number Three: sepakbola theme, anyone? We know that JJ played sepakbola and got to school on her athletic scholarship because of it...and Jack Hotchner plays, too? At the end of the episode in Season 6, Episode 22, Out of the Light, we find out that Hotch coaches Jack's sepakbola team! The writers, here, are practically setting us up for an episode where she helps out one hari when Rossi can't be his assistant coach...can't wait!

Number Four: They just know each other, anda know? JJ and Hotch have obviously known each other the longest out of everyone on the team, and they seem to have a really strong friendship. The writers for this tampil have almost gone out of their way at times to tampil how close the two of them are. See sebelumnya references to other episodes to see what I mean. And the one of the writers has actually stated, and I quote,

"Messer [Erica Messer] told TV Guide: "There is a relationship there... that we think is worth exploring."

She added, "It's nothing romantic, but there's definitely a bond that these two have... that doesn't come along very often.""**

Uh huh...nothing romantic, right. Well, we'll see how things go, and maybe nothing will happen, but anda never know, right?

Number Five: The looks that they share all the time! Seriously...just pay attention to the tv screen the selanjutnya time you're watching any episode of this tampil and watch when the two of them are in a scene together. The eye contact between them is almost overkill! A lot of their communication, unlike with the rest of the team, is nonverbal.

Number Six: JJ is the only logical choice for Hotch. Okay, I know this doesn't sound like much of a reason, but hear me out! Listen, Hotch's only other relationship was with Haley and from what we have learned from the show, they knew each other since high school...which means he only seems to get serious with someone if he's known them for a long time. Cue the musik and step in Jennifer Jareau! They've known each other for how long now? Oh yeah...nearly eight years! Hmmmm...I can see the wheels in your head are turning. Yes, anda will see our side of things in the end.

To sum it all up, this pairing makes a lot of sense, and I think we would also cinta to see the two of them at least take their boys out on a play tanggal of some kind, because that would just be adorable!

Okay, I'm done with my rambling...now tell me what you think!