A few hours later, she changes her clothes into this: link

She went to the musik room and plays the piano: link.

while playing the piano, she remembers Zayn and their times together.
-their first ciuman at the beach
-the infinity ring

When she finishes, a tear streams down her face she looks at her phone... 6 missed calls from Zayn...

Via: (wipes her tears) pindah on, Via. pindah on.
???: hey.
Via: (turns around) Liam? What brought anda here?
Liam: I just want to tell anda that one direction is going on tour. anda want to come?
Via: I just have to ask my mom first.. (smiles)
Liam: Okay.
Via: (smiles)
Liam: Hey, Harry's birthday on saturday!
Via: (still sitting on the chair beside the piano) Oh uhmmm what's his favorite?
Liam: Ermmm cats?
Via: (chuckles) Come with me. (takes his hand)
Liam: Where are we going?
Via: I'll buy him a cat. (chuckles)
Liam: I don't know how to drive.
Via: Well, I can drive. Come on!
Liam: (gets in her car)
Via: (drives)

At the store...
Via: (enters the store)
Lady: (greets her) Good morning, maam...
Liam: (puts on his hoodie)
Via: Ermm is that a ragdoll cat? link
Lady: yes, maam.
Via; How much?
Lady: 25,564.73 EUR
Via: I'll buy that one.
Lady: Okay.. (hands her the cat)
Via: Awww so cute.. He atau she?
Lady: She. (smiles)
Via: (hands her the credit card)
Lady: (swipes it and hands it back to Via) Thanks you, maam.
Via: (carrying the cat and went outside) Liam?
Liam: In here!
Via: What are anda doing?
Liam: Soem girls are already freaking out!
Via: Ohhh..
Liam: (removes his hoodie) Cute cat.. (strokes its fur)
Via: yeah right...

They heard a camera click..
Via: What's that?
Liam: (thinks: oh..god..) we have to go..