It was a bright sunny hari and I had just woken up. The warm and welcoming sunlight was streaming threw the bedroom curtains. I smiled and looked over at Humphrey who was still sleeping beside me, and he was snoring as always. I chuckled and got up and quickly got dressed then I leaned over the side of the tempat tidur so that my face was right oleh his . I whispered sweetly into hid ear, "Humphrey, time to get up." He just rolls over and puts a bantal over his head. I sigh, "I guess I'm going to have to do this the hard way, for me"
I turn around and look at my radio. I smirk and turn it on to the rock station and turn it on almost full blast. The loud and very annoying musik fills the room immediately. Humphrey jumps up out of tempat tidur and yells, "Turn it up louder!!!!!!" I sigh and turn it allllllllll the way and I run out of the room and downstairs, I can hear Humphrey bernyanyi at the puncak, atas of his poor lungs.
I walk over to the computer and turn on some very refreshing and relaxing classical music. I dace over to the fridge and open it wide. I look inside and see berries and berries and lebih berries. I glance upstairs then back at the fridge. "hmmmmmmm" I smile. "well he's just going to have to live with it." I take out some berries and wash them and put them in a bowl.
I walk to the foot of the stairs and yell, "HUMPHREY!!!!!!!!!!!!! BREAKFAST'S READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" There was no reply. I sigh and mumble. "He must know that all we have is berries." I walk up the stairs and plug my ears, "HUMPHREY!?!?!?!" Humphrey sings back in time to the still very loud music, "What do ya waaant noooooooow???WooohoooooOooooOooo!!! Yeah! Yeah! Yeaaaaaahhhhhh!!" I rool my eyes. "Could anda please come and have breakfast with me?" there was silence as Humphrey turns off the musik and jumps out the room warring my sunglasses, earrings, necklace, and pakaian dalam wanita, celana that are wayyyy to tight on him . I gasp, "Humphrey! How many times have I told anda to.... STAY OUT OF MY STUFF!?" Humphrey doesn't pindah and just smiles embarrassed and innocently , "Uhhhhh Oopss! hehehe! I forgot! It's just that they looked so pretty!" I smirk and nod. "Ok funny boy, just put that stuff back and come downstairs for breakfast." Humphrey smiles and walks back into the room and puts the stuff away.
When Humphrey walks downstairs I'm already sitting patiently at the table, there is a bowl full of berries at the center. Humphrey totally ignores the bowl full of berries and looks around as if he were looking around for something else. "Ummmmm Sweetie.....," looks at me, "where's the food?" I nod at the berries. Humphrey looks at the berries and gives me a funny and sheepish smile. "Ohhhhh! This!" He takes a handful of the sweet food and stuffs it down his throat. He chokes a little and quickly swallows and takes some refreshing gulps of water. "ahhhh those are the best berries I ever tasted." He chokes. "Yummy!" I smile and start to eat them too. Humphrey looks over at me and smiles, "Can I listen to some classical musik after this?" I chuckle and wink. "But of course."