hetalia 98 tahun old Finland. What from these pictures anda like the most atau what from these pictures if your favourite? ( I am not going to translate those Finnish texts)

Pick one:
Finland's wars
For Suomi
Finland and Moomin
Happy Birthday Suomi
Happy Independence hari Finland
Hbd Finland
Independence hari of Finland
Katso sinun päiväs koittaa (From Finlandia hymn)
APH Vapaus (Freedom)
APH Finland birthday 2015
APH Thank anda
APHetalia Independence
Oh My Native Land
The 6th of December (Cosplay picture)
The Winter War
APH Finland Independence hari
APH Suomi
hetalia Advent Calendar 6 dec
Happy Independence hari
Happy Birthday Tino
Finland National hari
Aph 06 12
Aph 6 12
Happy Independence hari (FemFinland)
APH Oi Nouse Suomi (From Finlandia Hymn)
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