Poland sighed contently, HE. WAS. BORED. then he rolled over sighing again "what's wrong Poland?" Lithuania asked looking down at him. "Oh like nothings wrong, it just that i'm like, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOATLLY BORED" Poland berkata then he sighed again "you know i can take anda to that field that we were before...where...you..did that...you know....THING..." Lithuania berkata smiling instantly Poland sat up and placed his hands on Liet's cheeks "well...i was like..." then Poland began to pindah his head meneruskan, ke depan slowly, blushing. "Thinking of...like...a.....k-kiss" Poland sutddered then his lips touched Liet's lips making Lithuania's eyes widen with shock then they closed half way soon Liet's eyes were closed completely and he, too, was blushing along with Poland then Lithuania began to tongue ciuman Poland but once he did Poland pulled away leaving a thin lithe silver line of connected slobber "wow that was like...a pretty passionte ciuman Liet, like, should we go a bit further then like a kiss?" Poland asked swiping the drool that was trickling from the side of his mouth away. Lithuania's and Poland's blushes grew a darker red as they stared at each other in awkward silence then Lithuania grabbed Poland's shoulders "I missed anda when Russia took me away from you" Lithuania berkata as his eyes began to tear as he remebered that he was sepearated from Poland, Poland's eyes also began to fill with tears then he buried his head into Lithuania's shirt, crying "I like toatlly missed anda too!!! but like please don't like metion that again because it like makes me like cry and it like feels like someone just like dented my jantung when anda like metion how Russia sepearated us!!!" Poland screamed his voice cracking with sadness and pain and his tears fully soaking Lithuania's shirt. Lithuania sighed happily and grabbed Poland then Poland lifted his head from his kemeja and berkata "I like...never like wanna...be like sepearated from anda like never again" Lithuania smiled and wiped Poland's tears away with his finger "don't worry Poland i'll promise to never leave your side again" Lithuania berkata then he wiped his own tears away "so like...you'll go further then a ciuman Liet?" Poland asked making Liet's blush turn beet red then Lithuania stood up and grabbed Poland then pushed him down onto the tempat tidur they were sitting on. "Apperentlly Poland...i might as well at least go futher then a ciuman like anda said" Poland then giggled a bit "but then like don't go rough because i like toatlly like don't like it when anda like go rough so like go softer this time but still like go fast" Poland berkata lifting his head up to ciuman Lithuania.