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This heroes fan art might contain potret, headshot, and closeup.

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* Potential Spoilers*

In the baru saja Promotional pictures for "Kindred", the upcoming heroes episode, one picture in particular caught my eye. I'll link it below, but a brief discription is: The picture shows Ando (James Kyson Lee) holding what appears to be the hilt of Takezo Kensei's sword. The end looks to have been removed, revealing a possible cavity in the hilt.

The episode discription states, "In the presesnt, Ando makes a happy discovery." Could there be a message from Hiro, explaining his whereabouts? Any other thoughts on what it could be, i encourage anda to post them below! :)


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 Drivu? Toot, toot.
Drivu? Toot, toot.
So, I've been seeing a few komentar here and there on the web about heroes and how it's moving too slowly, atau some episodes are boring. I remember hearing the same about lost when it came out.

True, when I was a kid, I wanted instant satisfaction. When I watched the 80s remake of King Kong, I kept looking over to my dad and asking him "When are we going to see King Kong, dad??" I wanted him to appear immediately. But, as I said, I was a kid.

But I'm not a kid any longer. And neither are the people griping about the slow pace of Heroes.

I understand that we live in a fast-paced world. People...
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