Note: I didn't make up any of these. I found them online. Sorry if you're not a Hermione/Ron fan.

9-year-old Hermione reads Matilda, a book about a smart girl who can pindah things with her mind. Hermione goes over to the bookshelf and, concentrating very hard, she gets the buku to slowly move.

Hermione found Ron's copy of of 12 Nail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches and wrote little notes in the margins for him to find.

In the sixth movie when Ron mutters "Hermione" in his sleep and causes Lavender to break up with him, he was actually awake. He felt guilty about making Hermione feel bad because of his relationship with Lavender. He also wanted to break up with Lavender and tell Hermione how he really felt. He just didn't have the guts to confront her, so he talked in his sleep to her instead.

On her birthday, Ron gave Hermione a ring which served as a miniature Pensieve. Inside of it were many of the great memories they shared together, so that Hermione would be able to look at these forever. The ring was also known as her engagement ring.

When Hermione and Ron went to Australia to revive the Granger's memories, Hermione was too emotional to do the spell, so Ron did it for her.

When Hermione and Ron found Hermione's parents in Australia and had restored their memories, the first thing Ron did was ask Hermione's dad for permission to marry her.

When Ron proposed to Hermione, he didn't have a fancy ring. He just got down on one knee and handed her a teaspoon. He watched Hermione's face light up as he said: "Hermione, all my emotions belong to you." Hermione couldn't have imagined it being lebih perfect.

Krum asked Hermione to the ball 3 times before she berkata yes. She kept stalling because she hoped that Ron would ask her.

When Hermione read the Tale of the Three Brothers to Rose and Hugo, she made sure to say "midnight" instead of "twilight" to please Ron.