1.Hermione’s middle name is supposed to be Jane, in memory of Caroline’s grandmother. However, the clerk at the hospital taking the necessary information for the forms misspells the name. Jean is a perfectly decent name, so it isn’t worth the fuss and trouble to have it corrected.

2Hermione loves buku from an early age. Unfortunately, she doesn’t read them so much as enjoy looking at the pictures atau studying the words. She hears her parents discussing the fact that she’s not membaca yet when she’s five, and, oleh the time she turns seven, they’re lebih concerned. She wants to read, because buku and words fascinate her, but there’s something in her brain that just won’t let her.

3.She’s only kissed two boys and had one try to steal a kiss. Her first ciuman was with Viktor and it was a sweet ciuman after the Yule Ball. Her detik was also with Viktor, though it was lebih intense, right before he asked her to visit him that summer. McLaggen tried to steal a ciuman during Slughorn’s natal party, but she threatened to render a part of his anatomy useless, so he stopped his attempts. Her third ciuman is with Ron during the heat of battle. She doesn’t remember moving towards him atau pressing her lips against his. Her lips tingle after, and Harry is blushing, so she knows they kissed, but it’s a blur of emotion that she still can’t figure out yet.