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posted by stellawinx101
paisley sat down the chair. Aubrey turned and smirks. "Paisley," whispers Aubrey to Paisley. "Aub, we're in History Class!" paisley whispers back. They're in History Class. Mrs. Tess, their history and class teacher, turned to Paisley.
"Ms. Taylor," Mrs.Tess called Paisley's last name, paisley Taylor. "Y-yes?" asks Paisley. "Tell me a legend, as for your punishment," ordered Mrs.Tess. Paisley's brain was thinking. "The Legend Of The Cat." says Paisley.
"Paisley!" says Aubrey. paisley stood up. "The Cat? Fascinating," says Mrs.Tess. Aubrey stood up. "Paisley! anda know that if someone tells...
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