After observing the community for a while after the incident back in February, I am appalled to find that somehow people are STILL talking about this. I have absolutely no idea why, and it’s also nothing short of disappointing.

Basically, here’s what anda SHOULD be spreading around. The problem with video deletions had been solved oleh google and Crypton over two months ago, and they even confirmed that the Koreans had nothing to do with it. Oh, and those “Justin Bieber is jealous” jokes aren’t funny. The video stopped disappearing a long time ago, yet people are still spreading it for some reason.

This leads me to believe that the problem is stemming from all of the new fan who have no idea that the situation was handled a long time ago. So we as a community need to spread the news that there is no longer a problem. Crypton is a powerful company with many powerful partners (such as Google), and they’re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. They don’t need an army. As fans, we don’t need to do anything lebih than observe from the sidelines.

Part of this problem stems way back from the TopTens voting incident, when Miku was removed from the list. Long story short, I was the one who convinced the admins to add her back to the page. anda can read lebih about that in the keterangan of