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Should Harry Potter Be Remade for Television?



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I'm not sure...I mean I would love for the series to be remade n TV but...with other actors? that's a big no! I doubt the actors would agree on that either!
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I agree with the article. A TV series can tell much, much more, or take the time to tell more.

See for example "Dune", the masterpiece written by Frank Herbert, and directed by David Lynch. The movie is great, made in 1984. The movie is just... well, there's no word to describe it, except awesome. Yet, a TV series has been made some 20 years later and though it's different from the Lynch movie, with different actors and art, it works fine too. I enjoyed it - while keeping in mind the great actors and the art aesthetics of the 1984 movie.

The same could be done for the HP saga, to be adapted to television. However... I don't this is going to be made in the next future. I mean we are too full of the actors (yes, I'm also thinking about Alan Rickman first, but there are others, most of the cast was just wonderful). Who are we going to take to play Severus or Harry or Voldemort ? Honestly ?

Moreover, let's have a look at the art in the HP movies. The look of the HP universe, Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Wizarding London, Grimmauld Place or the Burrow, etc. All these places were designed right on, marvelously designed. And I'm not talking about the costumes and the music.

I think that's going to be the work of another generation. Maybe in some 20 or 30 odd years, that's a minimum for me. Time for us to "forget" (even if the HP movies will be hard to forget), to give time to a whole new cast and crew to re-invent the HP universe - which is possible, but not now.
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D_J267 said:
^ I agree, one day in the distant future it would be a good idea.

I like his use of the A Song of Ice and Fire series as an example, those books like Harry Potter have a universe that is so rich and diverse that it would ultimately suffer if it were made into movies but as a TV Show it works really well and it's amazing how close to the book the adaption is.

There's so much of the Harry Potter story and universe that the films had to cut, it would be wonderful to one day to watch and see all of it on screen.
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