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Chapter 3
As everyone made to sit down in the large room, McGonagall held out her hand and called out to the class of 7th years.
“Before the start of term Myself and the other teachers decided that something need to be done to help build house unity between the four houses, we saw the easiest was to do this was to put everyone in seating plans in classes, at least up until Christmas, anda may have noticed that this tahun all four houses have been mixed together, we have decided that the biggest rivalries are between Gryffindor and Slytherin and Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I will read out your name...
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(this song was writen oleh me about cho and cedrics forbidden love. Hope anda like it. Feel free to komentar on other songs I can do in the future.)

I've heard that you
Moved on ever since
I was killed oleh the
Dark Lord

I've heard that now you
Love Potter
I guess anda would fall for him,
He's lebih famous than I was.

Cho Chang, why'd you
Give up so fast?
Guess I'm dead anyway,
You have to pindah on.

I hate that I'm not allowed
to see anda anymore, but I
I have to stay away,
I'm not invited.
I wish anda could see my face,
and then you'll be reminded
THat for me,
It isn't over.
You know that I'm the
One for you
I wish...
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When it comes to the Marauders, no one really likes Peter. Order members and Death Eaters alike. Why? Peter was a Death eater... Wasn't he? Not a true one, in my eyes.

Here's the Marauders. The first three, are in order of how much I like them, and below them, I will daftar why I like them. Peter is #4, and I will daftar some reasons not to like him, underneath.

1) Sirius Black
-He fights for what he believes in
-He was strong enough to pull away from his family, of blood-purity lovin' Blacks
-After TWELVES YEARS in Azkaban, he still came out determined to defeat Voldemort!
-He was not afraid to fight,...
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