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 Harry Potter wallpaper
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Harry Potter wallpaper
harry potter
harry potter wallpaper
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The Harry Potter movie era is over, but the adventures of the amazing characters still live in our hearts. Still, several times people are kind of wacko and say that Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I'm going to give anda a daftar of reasons why this is not true, and prove once and for all, that Harry Potter really is the ultimate book/movie series.

1)J.K. Rowling doesnt change mythology- vampire are vampire and if they go in the sun, they die. On the other hand, Stephenie Meyer ruins mythology and lets her vampire character SPARKLE and not DIE in the sunlight
2) Harry Potter actually has...
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Chapter 2
Bad News

    A few days had passed since the disaster. Ginny and her mother were preparing makan malam while everyone was at work. She was doing everything she can to avoid Harry in her thoughts oleh doing chores. As makan malam was set on the table, Mr Weasley arrived home, looking distraught.

Ginny: Is everything ok at work dad? she noticed The Daily Prophet in his hands

Mr. Weasley: Well, I think this should explain it...

He gave the Daily Prophet to his daughter. Suddenly, Ginny gave a huge outcry. Right in front of the paper was a picture of Harry with big huge words:

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Dobby died in March of 1998. He was killed when we was rescuing Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ollivander, Luna and Griphook the Goblin from the Death Eaters.

Dobby was a house-elf. They are servants to wizards. Magic ties them to their Master, so they must listen and do what their Master wants them to do. If they go against their masters commands, they must punish themselves with self-harm. The only way a house-elf can become free is if their master gives them a piece of clothing. Most house-elves would be devastated if they were diberikan a piece of clothing, their freedom would be like an insult. However,...
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