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WWOHP Interview of HP cast.

Actors Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and Michael Gambon were interviewed , and spoke about their impressions of the park, as well as the production on the films ending. On the subject of the “Deathly Hallows” film wrapping, Mr. Radcliffe komentar on a short film put together oleh the crew of the film, tampilkan the last sixteen months of production. His response to this film: “I don’t think there is any shame in saying we all cried like babies.”

Other highlights:

Rupert is most excited about the Pub, while Dan is a fan of the Frozen Butterbeer, Rock Cakes, and Treacle Fudge.
Michael Gambon jokes he does not abide oleh the safety rules his character gives during the ride.
Gambon was scared of the Dueling naga ride. Knew it was a mistake as soon as he got on.
Felton and Radcliffe will return to the park if they ever feel homesick for Leavesden Studios.
Next, actors Bonnie Wright, Matt Lewis, Warwick Davis, and James and Oliver Phelps took the stage to give their impressions on the park, as well as talk a bit about wrapping the Harry Potter films. Highlights:
Bonnie Wright is happy they can “give a park to the fans… to experience what we’ve had is amazing.”
Warwick Davis sums the park up in three words: “This is magic.”
James Phelps feels it is surreal anda can say “I’ll meet anda in the Three Broomsticks for a drink.”
Bonnie Wright and James Phelps komentar that, unlike on set, anda can take things halaman awal from here.
Cast has raided the shops at Wizarding World. Warwick Davis’ hotel room looks like Ollivanders. Matt Lewis wants the Gryffindor Sword.
Matt Lewis believes the States, without its castles, is the right place for the HP theme park.
Warwick Davis says finishing Potter films felt like no other film he’s done before. It was very emotional.

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Throughout the Harry Potter books, there are some variations between the Bloomsbury (British) and Scholastic (American) editions. Below the first section on "Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's" is a section on other different terminologies used.

Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's

When Scholastic was publishing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in America, they decided to rename the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They claimed that the American and British uses of the word philosopher were a bit different, so therefore sorcerer was a lebih appropriate word. Any true Harry Potter fan, American...
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