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Flaws and Mistakes in the Harry Potter Series?



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1. Moody's eye is magical?
2. No answer.
3. I don't understand the question.'
4. Dumbledore was a great wizard. I think it was a respect thing.
5. Nick's a ghost. He can't die, and they always wake up eventually.
6. Yes it's safe to assume that. This wand probably caused WARS. Besides, you can't argue that anyone died a natural death because Jo wrote the book so she gets to decide.
7. His cloak doesn't deflect spells. It renders the wearer invisible.
8. Disarming is taking forcibly. And McGonnagal was STUNNED. Not disarmed. No one took her wand.
9. Barty Crouch Jr. wanted Harry to think that it was all part of the tournament. He also wanted to hide the disappearance as part of the tournament. And he didn't want to look suspicious.
10. As Jo Rowling's website says, Fred and George didn't know who Peter Pettigrew was. They could have seen the name and thought it perfectly normal.
11. Apparition gets increasingly dangerous with distance. What if someone had gotten splinched?
12. Of course not! They hated Snape and wanted nothing to with him!
14. WRONG. That's from "Quidditch Through The Ages" and I actually don't have an answer for that. It's something I've noticed many times myself. I think that humans do in fact keep their reasoning ability as animals.
15. It's Dark Magic. That's all there is to it.
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bri-marie said:
1) The same way his eye can see through doors, walls, floor, pants. It's magical. Literally.

2) When was this?

3) I didn't think they did? I thought they just took them to the Hogshead - mostly likely by the same passage Harry, Ron, and Hermione used to get from the Hogshead to Hogwarts.

4) I think respect. Dumbledore was also the only headmaster to be buried on Hogwarts grounds.

5)Harry won it's allegiance. He proved to be stronger than Draco (the HPWiki has this quote by Jo: it's completely unsentimental. It will only go where the power is. So if you win, then you've won the wand.). The person who took the wand after the Peverell boasted about it won it by killing in his sleep. It's not about disarming - it's about proving to the wand you have more power.

6)The Nick thing was something I never understood myself, actually.

7)Is is too much to assume that anyone who has ever had the most powerful wand in existence didn't die a natural death? Um, no. It's the most powerful wand in existence!

8) Malfoy was able to cast spells on the invisibility cloak because the invisibility cloak doesn't deflect spells.

9) See number 4. Also, nobody was trying to take McGonagall's wand to begin with and stunning isn't the same as disarming.

10) It said in book four that Dumbledore was the last person Voldemort wanted to find out about his return. Obviously, kidnapping Harry in the middle of the year would have alerted Dumbledore that Voldemort was up to something. By putting Harry in the tournament where people have died, it wouldn't have raised suspicions when Harry's dead body turned up in the maze (I'm assuming that's what would have happened had Voldemort's plan succeeded).

11) Fred and George didn't use the map to sit around and watch the goings-on at Hogwarts like Harry did- - they used it to sneak around. Even if they did see Pettigrew's names amongst the thousands listed there (Harry only even noticed because Pettigrew was off by himself in the middle of the night) why would they think twice? Pettigrew was dead.

12) Tradition? Perhaps side-along apparition isn't allowed with a minor except in extenuating circumstances (or if your Dumbledore)? The chance that the parent and child get horrible splinched (this is most likely the case)?

13) Why would they? Harry, Ron, and Sirius practically loathed Severus. And it's not like they stayed friends. What were they supposed to say? "Hey, Harry, you know that teacher you loath? Yeah, one time, he was friends with your mom. Then he called her a mudblood and they stopped being friends."

14) See number 9 and number 5.

15) One, wrong book, and two, that doesn't make sense. Pettigrew kept enough of the "human" ability to reason to touch the specific knot on the Womping Willow to freeze it. Sirius, as proven many times, kept his "human" ability to reason.

16)I think it's safe to say that when Voldemort or Dumbledore (two of the most powerful wizards ever) the normal rules of magic don't apply. Maybe the Mark acts like a guiding force? Maybe it's a different kind of apparition? Or maybe it's some other Dark Magic.
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YAY! i ttlly agreee wit dese ppl! hary poddr SUX!!!!!!!!!!
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^ We just answered all these supposed flaws...would you like us to make a list of flaws in Twilight? >:)
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Most of these flaws can be discounted with proper reasoning and reading the books. I would reply individually, but everyone else already has done. :D

xXJacobsLadyXx:Please learn to spell.

The whole article was ridden with spelling mistakes. I had to point that out. I get all fussy about spelling and grammar. XD

The writer doesn't seem to understand the whole 'taking a wand by force' thing though. Recieving the wand's allegiance doesn't mean you can only disarm, just beating the original owner in any way will do.
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How come moody see through the invisibility cloak in 4th year when it was supposed to be one of the Hallows.
Harry was also able to see himself in Mirror of Erised, so Cloak is probably not beyond ALL other magic.

How come all the order members apparate inside the hog’s head when the air around was supposed to become thick and Harry was not able to disparate from there.
One supplementary, also on the same night when children were evacuated from Hogwarts, how can they disparate all the children (again the same reason for not being apparating according to me.)
I am not sure if I am right about this one, but I think some kind of trap went on when Harry, Ron and Hermione apparated in Hogsmeade because they went there after the police hour, that prevented them from leaving. The trap reseted I guess.

Why Dumbledore’s wand was not snapped in two when he was buried as it was tradition in wizards to snap the wand when one was buried.
Maybe out of respect? And don`t know where I got the idea that it was Dumbledore`s wish (maybe Rowling sad it in a interview?). Or maybe they just couldn`t destroy it? ;P

Also about the elder wand. Apparently Draco Disarmed DD n thus the wand’s allegiance shifted to him. But in order it to be Harry’s, Harry needed to Disarm Draco. But I read n reread the 7th book, and Harry didn’t Disarm Draco, he merely took his wand by force. And we all know just taking a wand by force will not shift its allegiance. Then how come Harry became the elder wand’s true master?
No we don`t know that. In order to get the Elder Wand, you need to DEFEAT the current owner in some way. If you read The Tale of Three Brothers you will see the brother with the wand wasn`t disarmed in battle, but killed in his sleep and robed of his wand.

There’s one serious flaw in the book….how on earth was nick revived in Harry’s second year when ghosts can’t eat or drink? And isn’t it just too much too assume that no one died a natural death while they had the elder wand? And also, if Harry’s invisibility cloak deflects spells, how was Malfoy able to cast the spell on Harry in the sixth year?
Maybe they gave the food through him like in the Deathday Party? o.o
There was supposedly little known about the history of Elder Wand. So there is a chance that some of the owners were only defeated.
Because Malfoy didn`t cast a spell on Cloak but on Harry.

Fine Draco won the power of the Elder wand after disarming Dumbledore. He did not take the wand by force did he? And still he’s the master of the elder wand. McGonagall got stunned by 5 people, u mean to say none of them got the power of her wand because they never took it forcibly???
They could probably use her wand, but they would have to actually take it and walk away (if they even know what happens if you defeat somebody). MsGonagall can use her wand normally, it`s hers.

The most common one, Moody (Barty Crouch junior) could have turned anything into a portkey and sent Harry to Voldemort much earlier instead of waiting for the final task.
Harry was protected by Dumbledore and he had to make sure no one would instantly notice that Harry is gone.

Fred and George did not notice Peter Pettigrew’s name on the marauders map when they had it?
There is hundreds of names moving around on it. And even if they did, how could they possibly know who he is?

Instead of catching the Hogwarts train to come to Hogwarts, why can parents use side along apparition till Hogsmead to bring their children who don’t have a license yet? Dumbledore used the same with Harry when they went to meet Slughorn.
Not all wizards can or want to apparate. Plus there are the Muggle-borns. Not to mention the laguage. Or the fact that hundreds of people in Hogsmeade would take a lot of space. And the shame of 16-year-olds when they arrive to their friends holding by mother`s hand. O_O

Neither Sirius nor Lupin told Harry about Snape and lily’s friendship?
Why would they? Neither Harry or them really liked Snape and how much did they know anyway? I think only that she hanged out with him sometimes and that she defended him until fifth year. But than, she defended most of weak.

Flitwick was stunned by Snape in HBP and Snape has power over Flitwick’s wand too
So? He could use it uf he`d wanted to. That is not a mistake. A lot of people is stuned/deafeted, but is not normal for wizards to take away each other`s wand, especially if they have their own working.

In Beedle the bard it is explained tat, the wizard loses his thinking capability as a human if transfigured to an animal…
- Then in GOF, Krum transformed to a shark (of course only head part), how was he able to think properly?

Animagi do not retain the power of human speech while in their animal form, although they keep all their human thinking and reasoning powers. - The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
Plus Krum is not an Animagi. He only uses a spell to transform himself.

To apparate and to disparate one must know the target…at least they should have seen it once…Then when Voldemort calls his entire Death Eaters by pressing dark mark, how will they know the place where Voldemort is? How can they apparate to that place?
This one is tricky. Maybe the Dark Mark is more of a call that tells them where to go, like some kind of portkey?
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P.S. Thanks for asking to provide answers.
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woofbark said:
For the flaw about Krum being transfigured into an animal and still able to think, it did say that in Beedle the Bard that logic is lost when you transfigure yourself. However, it was a PARTIAL transfiguration. If you look closely at the movie, you should see that Krum has the head of the shark and the body of the person. Since he's not fully transfigured, he doesn't lose his logic and reasoning skills.
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AllyAM said:
Meh, I never said there weren't mistakes, there's a whole section on MuggleNet devoted to them :D it's one of my favorite parts of the site!
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But it was sad in that your logic is NOT lost.
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