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Harry potter Time turner scene in the movie Prisoner of Azkaban?

anda know when Hermione and Harry use the time turner and then its all blurry and fast because they're going back in time so fast I want to know if there's a vedio of that scene in slow motion because I can see people like Dumbledore but I didn't recognize the other people in the hospital wing and I want to know whats going on in those scenes while the time turner is running it sounded like a series of discussion between Dumbledore and other people....you don't have to give me a vedio if anda know whats happening during the time turner scene in the hospital wing I want to know whose carrying Ron and there is this other person carrying Harry and I'm sure it wasn't madam pumfree(sp?) and then the person who carried Harry sits on a chair near Harry checking on him(harry) I want to know who these people are if anda know please tell me with full details...I want to know who carried Harry back too the hospital wing after the patronus scene so it would be really helpful if I knew what happens during the time turner sequence..
Thank anda :)
 AlexisPotthead posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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