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Opinion by TAIKAMODO posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Matt dashed forwards,running down the jalan, street as people looked at him oddly."So many poke'mon iv'e never seen before!This is so cool!"He shouted,running around."It's big this world is....there's always something anda haven't seen yet,huh..."He berkata aloud,the Eevee on his shoulder looking just as excited as him."Hey Eevee,you pumped?"

Eevee responded like a pokemon does,by shouting in it's poke'voice.I thought so!Now,where'd the others go?We were all together on the ship..."They'd taken a large,cruise ship to Haron.Matt berkata that a plane would be less connected,and a ship would feel lebih like a voyage,and the others eventually agreed.

"I hope they didn't get lost atau something,because i don't know much about how to get around myself."He berkata to Eevee.He was still walking when he bumped into a boy with white hair."ow!Uh,sorry man,i guess i wasn't paying att~"He was cut off oleh the boy shoving him.

"Watch where you're going,or anda might get hurt."He berkata coldly.Matt felt a shiver go down his spine,and he saw a weird aura,which it seemed only he could see,surround the boy.The same Aura which had surrounded him.
Opinion by Taika posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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"Gaaaaaah!"Matt shouted,being knocked into the the tower oleh heavy wind.The Clock tower,rang loudly,singnifying tht it was Noon,but that went unnoticed oleh Matt.Matt's clothes were tattered,and he was on the ground from being knocked into the tower so ferociously.Two poke'mon were the cause of this.Both of which,were uder the control of Team Zero,a dastardly team of evil.They controlled the two time poke'mon of Marterior City using Omni Transmitter waves,and were now usig themto destroy Matt.

Matt stood up,shakily,and took a step forward,despite the cries of his friends to stop."I'm trying to help you!Pl-please,let me help!"He shouted to the poke'mon.He took another step,but was blown back again."Aaaaaaaaaah!"He screamed,but stood up again.This time,he rn forwards,ducking,rolling,and side stepping to avoid the attacks thrown at him.He then grabbed the two Transmitter Braces on both Poke'mon's wrists,and pulled.He was being shocked,very painfully,but kept pulling."I won't let team zero hurt you,or control anda anymore!"He berkata to them,pulling harder on the devices,until....
Article by vegeta007 posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Zero Gravity battles
0-G battles take place in the gravity dome (In whichever city anda want it atau them to be) which has rooms that give anda weightlessness and allows anda and your pokemon to float around. In here your floating around in a acak directions and the pokemon have no leverage so physical attacks will be much less accurate some will drop oleh 50%, special attacks' accuracy are unaffected though

Style battles
Style battles work like this: you're in a battle and whatever pindah anda make gives anda style points, anda get lebih points if anda use a pindah that's the same type as the pokemon and if anda get a critical hit most points at the end of the battle win. The lebih powerful a pindah the lebih points anda get like anda get 3 points for tackle and if a normal type uses it anda get 4 and if it's a critical anda get 5, and if anda have quick attack anda get 5 points, 6 for normal type and 7 for critical, if a pokemon faints yours will still get experience

Battle boats
List by Nojida posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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The Haron region map
Wasthorn town
Professor's labratory

Likrion town
Joey's Café
Golden Hotels

Route 1

Salford city
pokemon Center
Salford city Gym
Connection Tunnel
Diamond Cave

Route 2
Wide Meadow

Sarumian city
pokemon Center
Sarumian city Gym
pokemon Petting Zoo

Route 3

Serene town
pokemon Center
pindah Tutor

Route 4
hari Care Couple
Quiet Forest

Route 5

Route 6

Elentor town
pokemon Center

Mt. Arkley

Ripon city
pokemon Center
Ripon city Gym
Connection Tunnel
Training Grounds

Route 7

Buriac town
pokemon Center
Guide by pipiqueen posted lebih dari setahun yang lalu
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Aura- wind type- wears a long light blue jacket(like cynthia)with a cloudy neck,darkblue jeans and a grey top.......white flowing hair,blue eye and a hat-dark blue,with light -blue feathers- from, mermerial town...........
Lindsay(fairy type)- berwarna merah muda, merah muda hair tied braided to a side with a bunga at the end,pink eyes,a very light berwarna merah muda, merah muda puncak, atas -full sleeve ,with a T-shirt type appearance,and ungu flowing skirt.
Zap- electric type-yellow hair till shoulders, jeruk, orange full sleeved shirt,red tie and a red pant ,sneakers like misty's
Aaron- steel type-grey hair that looks like a curvy cone, black t shirt, silver jeans and wears a silver vest atau belt..............big armour like thing on left hand


Adam. Type: Ground. City: Salford city -adam - brown hair ,kinda spiky, a mantel ( lebih like ash's red winter coat) over a light yellow kemeja and black jean yellowish eyes.