This poster, I favour.
Hi guys, I know that I'm early for Halloween, but what you're going to read are the reasons why the 1999 remake of Shirley Jackson's classic is not worth watching. Secondly, I was inspired oleh Nostalgia Critic shortly after seeing his review on this disgusting remake!

The Story

While a couple of scenes still remains the same like the original 1963 version, unfortunately it is actually a mockery of the original film. The first scene was partially correct, because Nell had a strained relationship with her sister after their mother's passing. But her brother-in-law is in a contrast with his 1963 counterpart. And not to forget, that their only child is a pain in the neck too oleh being the stereotypical spoiled brat that we all cinta to HATE!
Secondly, this Hugh Crain is another reason why this film fails! In fact, I will talk lebih about him later on.


Another part that I would like to highlight, according to Doctor Marrow. The townspeople claimed that they could hear the noises of children coming from the Mansion, how could they actually hear it even-though the house is isolated, far from the town itself? This makes me wonder.
Also, when they were attempting to leave the haunted mansion. Dr. Marrow berkata that they will have to wait till morning for the Dudleys to arrive. Earlier on, we saw 2 of Doctor Marrow's assistance leaving the house easily without the Dudley's help at all and never to be seen again!
Finally, at the end of the film, why didn't both Dr Marrow and Theo take Nell's corpse out?

Hugh Crain

The reason why I mentioned that this guy is different from both his original novel and 1963 namesake counterparts, is because in the latter two, he is actually pretty harmless and would never go as far as to murder the children shortly after the house is completed.
His appearance does not do justice either, his portrait looks like he could passed as Wolverine's ancestor! But the funniest part was when his ghost appear during the final confrontation at the end, he looks very cartoony and unconvincing at all!

Too Much CGI

Unlike the 1963 version, which is base on Psychological Horror. The 1999 version used too much CGI, making the film like stereotypical Haunted Mansion.
A couple of scenes that still bugs me to this hari are angry eye scene which was staring at Nell, and the statue air mancur that tried to drown Dr. Marrow. At the same time, they're really, REALLY pathetic! Especially the latter, it's pointless as well.

Some Houses are Born Bad?

So, here are my reasons why the 1999 remake isn't worth watching, I strongly recommend anda all to watch both the original 1963 version and Stephen King's 2002 miniseries Rose Red, the latter reportedly took inspiration from the former. So, go ahead and check out these 2. Skip the 1999 remake for halloween this year, alright?
The 4 casts.