Ramones - Pet Semetary
(And various other covers link)

Creedence Clearwater - Bad Moon Rising

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Crazy Party Night

Dot Dot Curve - This Is Halloween

Boyfriend - Witch

Sarah Stockwell - All Souls Night

Bloody Hammers - The Reaper Comes This Way

Bloody Hammers - The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Bloody Hammers - The Witching Hour

Ic3peak - Quartz

The 69 Eyes - Sister Of Charity

The Death Riders - Death In The Valley

The Marchesa Casati - Bats

Wednesday 13 - Suffer

Wednesday 13 - Curse Of Me

Wednesday 13 - Get Your Grave

Wednseday 13 - Ghost Stories

Wednesday 13 - Cadverous

Wednesday 13 - I Like Watching anda Die

Wednesday 13 - Morgue Than Words

Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire

The Hexans - Party Monster

The Hexans - Black Cat Bone

The Hexans - Vampiera

The Hexans - Boo

The Hexans - Slick Black Coffin

The Hexans - Witch Wave

Snow White's Poison Bite - Down To The Morgue

Any song oleh Kristina Lawrence

Any song oleh Theatres Des Vampires

Any song oleh The Creepshow

Any song oleh Marilyn Manson

Any song oleh Cadevaria

Any song oleh King Diamond

Any song oleh Rob Zombie

Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive

Ol Drippy - Black Sludge dinding Noise

Viscera Drip - Lets Make Evil

✞ λ₴MѺÐ∆I ✞ x San4os96 - I WΛŊT

Mater Suspira Vision - Posse

The Lovecrave - Vampires

Caroletta - Voces

Mandragora Scream - Haunted

Skinny anak anjing, anjing - Gonjea

Murderdolls - Grave Robbing USA

Murderdolls - She Was A Teenage Zombie

BlvckCeiling - She Is Not In Heaven

Sofia Reta - Sweet Dreams (Cover)

Mater Suprisa Vision - Giant Snake That Eats Itself

Most Anything in the Witch House genre (Blvck Ceiling, Sidewalks and Skeletons, Ol Drippy, Salem, Mater Suprisa Vision etc.)

Bigbang - Monster

Yoon G S - Reason To Become A Witch

vixx - Hyde

ToppDogg - The Beat (For Halloween)

Yukits - Asa Made Halloween

Tommy Heavenly6 - I'm Your Devil

Saurom - Noche De Halloween

Slipknot - XIX

Slipknot - 666

Korn - Kidnap The Sandy Claus

Recommended oleh Katz-mewo;

This is halloween - Sadie
This is halloween - The permen Spooky Theater
Monster's Party - Leetspeak Monsters
halloween - The Misfits
People are Strange - Echo and the Bunnymen
Blood Club - Morticia
Feed my Frankenstein - Alice Cooper
Trick atau Treat - The permen Spooky Theater
Bloody Bride - Satan
halloween - Helloween
Bloody halloween - Vampire Rose
halloween Party - Glam Grammar
halloween Monster Party - I.rias
The Rocky Horror Punk Rock tampil album (Punk Covers of Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Time Warp
Monster Mash
I put a spell on anda
The Addam's Family Theme
The Munsters Theme